A gantt chart is simply a timeline view of your project. It’s a way to visualize data.

Below is a screenshot from gantt chart software TeamGantt. It’s the most intuitive and easy way to build a chart quickly. Feel free to try it now for yourself as you read along. The left hand side is a list of tasks for your project organized into groups.  The image below is an example of a gantt chart that could be used to plan a concert.

Many people have never seen a gantt chart before. This post is going to show a gantt chart example.

Gantt Chart Example

Below is a zoomed in image of the example gantt chart.Gantt Chart Example

You can see in this example that there are multiple groups of tasks such as “Book Musicians”, “Venue”, “Promotion”, and “Tickets”.  This is an easy way to organize and group tasks together.

You will also notice that the right hand side of the chart has the task bars.  Each bar represents when the task will start and end.

Gantt charts are especially useful for any project where you want to visualize how long your project will take. You can also link tasks together by creating dependencies between tasks. This ensures that tasks are done in the correct order.

Ryan Carson was recently being interviewed about his highly successful startup Treehouse and he discussed how beneficial dependencies are in TeamGantt because he could easily see what would happen if one task took longer than expected and how it affected the entire project.  He was able to really get a grip on his project and keep it under control.

You can learn more about dependencies here.

Another great advantage that gantt charts provide is the ability to see who is doing what and when they are doing it.  This allows for better project planning by efficiently assigning tasks to people on your team and scheduling them according to their current workload.

You can learn more about resources here.  See below for an example.

Resources in Example Gantt Chart

The images below label each part of the example gantt chart to help make it easy to understand.

Gantt Chart Example Details 1Group names are used for organizing your tasks.

Gantt Chart DetailsTask bars show when each task will take place.

DependencyDependencies are very useful for ensuring one task finishes before another one starts.

Below is a very helpful example video that shows how a gantt chart is created and how it can be used.

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