6 Excel Gantt Chart Templates for Planning and Managing Projects

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A gantt chart provides a visual snapshot of your project and makes it easy to communicate the big picture to everyone involved in the project. 

Microsoft Excel is a go-to tool for many gantt chart beginners because they have easy access to it and are already familiar with its features. But making a gantt chart in Excel can be tedious work if you’re starting with a blank slate.

We created 6 automated templates you can download, customize, and share. These free Excel gantt chart templates simplify planning and enable you to:

  • Customize the gantt chart template to fit your project needs
  • Set up new tasks
  • Assign task dates and team members
  • Automate task durations and timeframes
  • Track task progress

Just keep in mind that Excel gantt chart templates work best for simple projects that won’t require a ton of collaboration or schedule changes. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of extra time manually updating your timeline and emailing the latest version to everyone involved in the project.

If the projects you manage are more complex, you’ll save more time and effort with TeamGantt. Check out this quick Excel vs. TeamGantt comparison to see how.

1. Weekly gantt chart template for Excel

Weekly Excel gantt chart template with 4 sample projects

Use this free Excel template to simplify complex projects into an easy-to-follow plan and track the status of tasks as work progresses. We made this weekly gantt chart template easy, powerful, and painless to use for projects of any kind.

Simply plug in your tasks, dates, and resources, and you'll have a presentation-quality Excel gantt chart. Be sure to update the percent complete as work progresses to stay on top of project tracking.

2. Gantt chart template for construction projects

Construction management gantt chart template with 3 project phases

Many construction managers use gantt charts to schedule construction timelines because it’s easier to visualize how and when work will get done and track progress against your estimates. We built this downloadable Excel template to help you break ground on your next construction project, whether it’s a new home build or much-needed renovation. 

This gantt chart template is easy to customize, so feel free to keep your plan high-level or dig into details with a full project build-out.

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3. Marketing schedule gantt chart template

Marketing schedule gantt chart template for Excel with deliverables and milestones

When all your important tasks and milestones live on a shared marketing calendar, your whole team can keep track of timelines and stay on pace with your goals. This easy Excel gantt chart template makes it easy to get started.

Use this template to track go-live dates for important marketing deliverables so your team can easily see what needs to be accomplished for the month, quarter, or even year.

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4. Blog calendar gantt chart template

Blog calendar Excel gantt chart template with 3 sample articles

A blog content calendar helps you establish a regular posting schedule and strategize topics so content stays fresh and engaging. This Excel blog calendar template enables you to schedule and track all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into content production—from writing and design to review and publication.

Use it to manage every step of content production so key milestones and deadlines on the way to publication don’t slip through the cracks.

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5. Event planning gantt chart template

Simple event plan gantt chart template for Excel

Need to create a big-picture plan for an event? Our Excel event plan template makes it easy to keep event stakeholders informed about project status with high-level updates that are easy to digest. 

Use this free gantt chart template to establish a general timeline for major tasks that need to be accomplished. That way, everyone knows what needs to happen when and can track progress easily.

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6. Product roadmap gantt chart template

Excel gantt chart template for a product releases roadmap

There are lots of ways to build a product roadmap. Our Excel product roadmap template makes it easy to communicate and track major release phases for your product on a continuous timeline.

Use this gantt chart template to launch new features and functionality on time while looking ahead to the next big thing on your product release schedule. It’s great for setting expectations for work that must be completed—or features that will be delivered—during each release and creating alignment between cross-functional departments. 

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More Excel project management templates

If you want to spend less time building spreadsheets, check out some of our other Excel project management templates. Here are a few you can download for free:

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Create a custom gantt chart template with TeamGantt

Gantt charts that are simple, beautiful, and super-easy to manage and update is exactly what TeamGantt was designed from the ground up to do. Let’s walk through the basic steps for creating and using gantt chart templates in TeamGantt.

Step 1: Build your project in TeamGantt

Follow these easy steps to set up your first project in TeamGantt.

1. Go to teamgantt.com/signup to sign up for your free account to get started.

2. Once you log in, go to My Projects in the sidebar, and click + New Project, then Create New Project.

3. Give your project a name, and choose a project template to get you started if you want. Choose your default project view and the days of the week you want to be able to schedule work in your project. Then click Create New Project.

4. Your project is created, and you’re ready to start adding your tasks!

5. Once you’ve added your tasks to the task list, just click and drag each taskbar to set the dates and duration.

6. If you have tasks that can’t begin until another task is complete, you can add a dependency to your gantt chart to make sure those tasks are always done in the proper order. Simply click the gray dot to the right of the first task, and drag the dependency to the dependent task.

You’re all done! Congratulations on creating your first project in TeamGantt!

Step 2: Save your project as a gantt chart template

In TeamGantt, you can create unlimited gantt chart templates from the projects you build. Here are 2 easy ways to save a project as a template from Gantt view:

  • Option 1: Click Menu > Save as Template.
  • Option 2: Go to Menu > Project Settings, and click the Mark as Template toggle on.

Your gantt chart template evolves with your root project so it stays up-to-date.

Step 3: Apply your gantt chart template to any TeamGantt project

Using a template to create a new project is as easy as clicking the Template dropdown on the project creation screen and choosing the one you want to use from the template library. No more starting from a blank screen!

Choose a gantt chart template in TeamGantt

Any gantt chart templates you save will be listed under the My Templates section. Once your gantt chart template loads, simply update the tasks and invite your team.

Comparison: TeamGantt vs Excel gantt chart

Forget having to keep track of multiple Excel gantt chart files for each project and wasting time making sure all your charts are presentation-ready. TeamGantt makes it easy—and dare we say FUN—to create and manage your projects with shareable online gantt charts.

Here’s a quick peek at how you can save time and headaches making gantt charts and managing projects with TeamGantt compared to Excel:

Presentation-quality gantt chartsYes represented by a green checkmark icon
Yes represented by a green checkmark icon
Compatible with Mac & Windows Yes represented by a green checkmark icon
Yes represented by a green checkmark icon
Drag & drop schedulingNo represented by a grey X icon
Yes represented by a green checkmark icon
Calendar, task list, & kanban board viewsNo represented by a grey X icon
Yes represented by a green checkmark icon
Track & collaborate on tasks in real timeNo represented by a grey X icon
Yes represented by a green checkmark icon
Upload important project filesNo represented by a grey X icon
Yes represented by a green checkmark icon
Share view-only linksNo represented by a grey X icon
Yes represented by a green checkmark icon
Keep tasks in order with dependenciesNo represented by a grey X icon
Yes represented by a green checkmark icon
Compare planned vs. actual timelinesNo represented by a grey X icon
Yes represented by a green checkmark icon
See team availabilityNo represented by a grey X icon
Yes represented by a green checkmark icon
Track hours workedNo represented by a grey X icon
Yes represented by a green checkmark icon

Get started with TeamGantt today

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Excel gantt chart template FAQs

Is there a gantt chart template in Excel?

Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t come with a built-in gantt chart template. You’ll need to create a gantt chart manually in Excel, then save it as a template for future project use.

How do I create a gantt chart template in Excel?

You can save any Excel diagram you make as a template. Simply click File >Save as template to create an Excel gantt chart template you can use again and again to schedule project timelines.

How do I adjust the time interval on my Excel gantt chart template?

You can customize our Excel templates to view and manage projects over any time period, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 

Follow these simple steps to adjust the time interval of your Excel gantt chart template:

  1. Right-click on the date axis.
  2. Select Format Axis
  3. Expand the Axis Options section
  4. Enter the following numbers into the Major field below Units based on the intervals you want to represent on your gantt chart:
    • Weekly intervals = 7.0
    • Monthly intervals = 30.0
    • Quarterly intervals = 90.0

It won’t be a perfect monthly or quarterly picture since some the number of days in a month varies. But this approach should provide a decent visual approximation for your Excel gantt chart.

How do I track work progress in my Excel gantt chart template?

All of our free gantt chart Excel templates have progress bars built-in. All you have to do is update progress in the Percent Complete column, and Excel will adjust the taskbar on the gantt chart to reflect the current status.