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"There are so many good things TeamGantt has brought my company. It is the company’s central scheduling hub for the many services we offer, and the main teaching platform my staff and I use to learn the fundamentals of good project management. What has been most impactful about TeamGantt, over the past 5 years, is what it has meant to growth management. The company has always grown, but it would often get lost in growth. Sometimes, growth would even hurt the company; because, there was no way of managing projects outside customer projects. TeamGantt is the tool the managers and executives needed to easily build and manage the big important projects that must be complete to grown and protect the company. Before TeamGantt, those projects were too often lost to disorganization or took too long to complete. I mean this sincerely, TeamGantt is the major contributing factor to my team and I finding the way out of the mess we had made of growth."

Daniel Carpenter

"A big part of overseeing a research lab is managing lots of projects without dropping the ball on any of them. My team and I explored a wide range of technological solutions, and TeamGantt was the clear winner. Its combination of flexibility, power, and ease of use made it easy for me to teach project management—and fun for them to learn."

Bear F. Braumoeller
Ohio State University

"TeamGantt has added a lot of value to our company over the years. It is simple in layout and functionality, creating a user-friendly interface. The ability to manage multiple jobs at the same time is a huge benefit as a homebuilder, and one of the main reasons we have stayed with TeamGantt for so many years. It is very easy to add and modify resources on an individual project basis or across all jobs."

Casey Weatherston
Alturus Homes

"Our team has been using TeamGantt for years. We compared multiple project management solutions and found many good “integrated” enterprise solutions but couldn’t find good solution which just focus on our problem – project management. TeamGantt is designed to solve the problem. It helps us improve our productivity."

Yusuke Kaji

"I found TeamGantt to be great for laying out long-term projects, dividing them into achievable short-term goals, and assigning tasks to individual team members. Further, when necessity dictated, TeamGantt is a useful time tracking tool for reporting billable hours."

Daniel Heather Harris Roemer
The Washington Post

"Information availability for multiple departments to access and share details has aided our commitment in keeping in touch with our clients with accurate information in our own cloud based format."

Jeff Hollenbeck
Trinity Woodworks

"TeamGantt has been our go-to Project Management tool for 5+ years. We use it to track complex software implementations with many moving pieces. It has been invaluable to keeping us organized, understanding next steps, and assessing progress at a glance. The gantt chart is intuitive and user-friendly with great features such as templates and time tracking. It allows for seamless collaboration between team members."

Jenna Costin

"We selected TeamGantt because it is an elegant yet simple collaborative project management solution. TeamGantt provides all the features we need in a project management tool while maintaining a intuitive user interface. This enables us to track progress of all of out major projects, focus our team by prioritizing tasks, and identifying resource issues early. For anyone looking for a collaborative project management solution that includes all the key features needed to manage a complex project, TeamGantt is a great choice."

Glenn Straub
X-Nav Technologies

"TeamGantt is my go-to tool when I have a large project list of upcoming product launches with various milestone dates. I use it to stage my team’s resources, so we don’t feel too overwhelmed looking at our mountain of work to be done. It helps my team focus, knowing where our priorities are, and knowing that each project has time allocated for it to be completed. It gives me peace of mind that TeamGantt can easily be modified if our plans change, and that it can be easily read/accessed by the rest of the team. For anyone looking to try it out, I would highly recommend it – the learning curve to use it is very short and you can be up and running in a few short minutes."

Heather Lam

"I am a law professor who is engaged at the same time in a number of different projects using a number of research assistants. I have found TeamGantt invaluable in managing the workflow and keeping track of who’s doing what. I particularly appreciate the way it allows me to communicate back and forth and exchange documents with different research assistants, keeping each conversation about each research task in a separate area. Being able to communicate within TeamGantt and at the same time via regular email is another great feature. Finally, it’s very easy to use. I don’t need to spend a lot of time teaching each new research assistant how to use it."

Donald Clarke
George Washington University Law School

"Everything was very clear, everything was organized and easy to use. So I highly recommend TeamGantt. It's great."

Alex Greenberg
NGX Interactive

"I recommend TeamGantt to people who want a relatively simple tool. It's not gonna take hours and hours to figure out how to use it or to customize it. It's simple to get started and easy to use and it has a lot of flexibility."

Pieta Blakely
Blakely Consulting, LLC

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Evonne T.
Atom Studio
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New England Design & Construction
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Blakely Consulting, LLC
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Freelance Project Manager
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Code Touch Technologies
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ClydeBank Media
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Taylor Construction
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TechStyle OS
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Proverbs 31 Ministries
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Off G Ltd.
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Higher Education
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Mitch T.
Steve P.

"I worked as an engineer and a project manager for 20 years before transitioning to teaching and I know first-hand how important effective project management is for the success of any complex project. By bringing TeamGantt into my classroom, I am giving students exposure to an industry-level tool that they can use for their senior capstone project and skills that they can take with them to college and beyond. TeamGantt's easy-to-use interface and online access capability allow my students to ramp up easily with their first projects and to access and update project information at home or at school. I would recommend TeamGantt to anybody from experienced project managers to those who are just beginning to bring project management tools into their offices. Experienced project managers will enjoy the ease of setup as well as the features like contingencies, responsibility settings, and completion status."

Ruben Stemple
McKinley Technology High School

"In our organization we truly appreciate having teamgantt as a tool to keep everything in order and in schedule. From it we can understand where our weaknesses and flaws are, and how to better our processes. TeamGantt is user friendly, and quick and easy so when you know your timelines are tight and you have lots of people on site and in the office working in unison, it feels great!"

Lisbeth Carulla
Carulla Arquitectos

"We have been using TeamGantt for many years. It is one of the core tools that we use to manage our projects. It’s easy to use and provides an abundance of information to keep projects organized and stakeholders updated."

Davis McGregor
Mobile Data Technologies

"Team Gantt has been a wonderful tool, not only for managing internal projects (through template building and repeatable processes), but now we use it to manage our clients projects as well in our consulting division. Our clients love the ease of resource planning and overall schedules and summaries. From capturing tasks to tracking completion - we love this tool."

Adele Glenn

"As we searched for a project management tool, we were quickly drawn to TeamGantt’s simple user experience. After watching a few quick videos, I could begin adding elements and mapping out my project. Five years later, it has become an indispensable solution to align our people across departments and groups, including contractors, to any project we may be working on. Most recently, it helped our organization complete a consolidation of our manufacturing plants ON TIME! TeamGantt is also incredibly flexible which allows us to easily add users as the project grows from conceptual planning to execution. I have no need to search for any other project management platforms."

Greg Niemi
Black Cat Wear Parts

"Implementing Teamgantt into our student projects has been an absolute gamechanger. Using Teamgantt allows the students to learn about project management, work more efficiently, and get further in their engineering projects. We also use Teamgantt throughout our Innovation and Entrepreneurship program here at Pitt Engineering."

Brandon Barber
University of Pittsburgh Engineering

"While Team Gantt is not the only tool we use at our agency, it is the backbone. It is the best tool we have found to easily build and maintain project plans, with automation built in for resource planning. Being a browser based tool allows for collaboration and seamless across across our project management team as well as clients and other departments. The built in integrations and open API allow us to sync our work in Team Gantt with other agency tools. My favorite part is that the Team Gantt team is always accessible for customer support and working through user-voted enhancements."

April Tantalo

"We work with distressed or underperforming businesses to develop and implement a turnaround plan to stabilise cash flow and improve performance. Having a clear plan in place that is 1) simple to share and communicate, 2) easy to maintain and 3) able to track progress, is at the core of a turnaround’s success. It is obvious then why Team Gantt has become an essential tool to our business improvement and project planning process. We have used Team Gantt with small private companies and large public companies, and regularly get great feedback on our ability to keep the team up to date and aligned in a time of crisis. Team Gantt makes it easy!"

Michael Holmes
Vantage Performance Group

"I am an author and needed to be able to track all the steps I take to write and publish my books, so TeamGantt is the perfect solution for me. I am able to follow how long each task will take and which tasks rely on other tasks being finished before they can start. I have one group of tasks for each book and one for the marketing for it. I am very happy with it and would recommend it to other authors and anyone who needs to be able to easily track the progress of any project."

Susan McKenzie
Australian Author

"We have LIVED by TeamGantt for the past 2 years in preparing for the launch of our first product. Our team begins each week with a gantt review meeting, where we coordinate the impacts of the past week’s events on each team member’s timelines and responsibilities. The flexible and collaborative features of the tool make it very easy to use."

Hal Eason
Momtech Inc.

"TeamGantt allows our project managers to communicate delays. When our PMO first started reporting delays to an executive team, I pulled up the project schedule and explained why that task was delayed and its effect on its dependency. Our CTO said that was the simplest explanation of delay he's ever heard here."

Josh Gessler

"TeamGantt has allowed us to create a better workflow and account for dependencies and unexpected delays."

Liana Simstrom

"Our organization was looking for a solution that could integrate gantt charts as well as kanban boards. We tried one of the most known options on the market, but we discovered that its hype is not in accordance with its functionality. TeamGantt has helped us a lot to maintain order in our projects for a more agile execution. We think that TeamGantt is a hidden gem when it comes to project management and it's only a matter of time before more people discover it."

Luis Fabián
Instituto Liberean

"Many payment/contract disputes would be avoided if contractors and trade contractors were to use TeamGantt to manage their contractual responsibilities."

John Lowry
Lowry Consulting

"I am an independent solo game developer at this stage and TeamGantt helps me schedule a timeline for my indie project. It is great software because it is really easy to use and figure out how to make Gantt Charts. It is totally amazing for newbie users like me about project management."

Ali Kubur
Khubur Games

"TeamGantt really helps me to structure my work days. As I only work 3 days a week, it also helps to remind me what I was working on last week, so I don’t forget any tasks. I like the fact that I can add notes to the projects, little reminders for myself and my team. We also use TeamGantt as a structure for our weekly team meating. All our projects are in there, so we walk through them and I check and add tasks as we go. It works really well, and saves us a lot of time."

Sasha Lamsvelt
ORIO Architecten

"We have been using TeamGantt for 2 years and the people managing projects have a better view on the undone tasks and the critical path. The checklists we put in our projects are also quite useful since they help people to remember the key points to tackle. We have now a better view on our projects and  the most important thing is that we are able to share them so everyone can help!"

Daniel Torrents

"I just want to say thank you to TeamGant team for creating a great tool. I am using TeamGant on a daily basis to manage my own work. The app helps me to manage my daily tasks and stay on track as well as planning the working week's schedule."

Olesia Aulova

"As a team leader in an innovation strategy consultancy, TeamGantt has helped a great deal in onboarding new team members to a standardized project delivery process. On the other hand, it is a great tool to make workloads transparent and ramp up new projects with a given workforce."

Oliver Ratschka
Edizon Innovation GmbH

"TeamGantt enables me to manage my software projects from anywhere. My team can self-serve and update their tasks leading to real-time visibility and increased collaboration."

Phillip Smith

"I am a high school teacher and I use TeamGantt to create pacing guides for my courses. Creating dependencies between units makes it easy to adjust pacing to account for snow days or activities like field trips, or adjust the duration of a unit if my students are slower or faster than I planned for. My previous pencil and paper method was nowhere near as convenient!"

Ellen Satter
Bridgeport Public Schools

"TeamGantt has been instrumental in helping us improve our organization's internal planning, and our public relations. As a media company, each of our team members is constantly working on several projects at a time, and each project passes through the hands of several team members. Before using TeamGantt, we used to agree to external deadlines that made sense on paper, and we were surprised when our team couldn't meet them. With TeamGantt's easy ripple-editing and cloud-based accessibility, we've managed to track our performance and increase efficiency, enabling us to agree to realistic external deadlines, and a balanced workload."

Zev Levi

"TeamGantt is one of the best tools that I use in planning new projects as it is: user friendly, flexible, and gives me the correct information at a glance. I find the tutorials extremely helpful. Not to mention the friendly and to the point help that on receives from your team is fantastic."

Bertie Hechter
Innovative Bold Concepts

"I'm an independent designer and occasionally require a gantt chart for projects. TeamGantt allows for this in an intuitive way and helps put some clients at ease!"

John Raferty
Make. | Exhibition & Identity Design Consultants

"I really do love TeamGantt. I produce clear, detailed project schedules in a fraction of the time it used to take us using Excel in the old days. I’m an experienced freelance Project Director and my clients are always thrilled with the project schedules I produce using Teamgantt. They love the way in which the projects are managed, the status is tracked and each phase is proactively driven."

Paul Dawson
Paul Dawson Products Ltd.

"Easy to setup, easy to update, easy to use and easy to share. And actually more powerful than it looks like. They have classes and a good helpdesk/chat service. Really good tool. I highly recommend it."

Dorothea Salvesen

"TeamGantt helped our team to plan the long-term goals and tasks (6-12 months), and that was the first tool for us to use for this kind of task."

Denys Khanin

"TeamGantt is an excellent project management tool. It has substantially helped me to organize my projects, set deadlines, and keep up with timelines. It contains many interesting features while being very user friendly."

Konstantinos Pilakos

"As a student team, we are constantly getting new members working on our project who might not know the full scale of what they are doing for the project. But being able to see the gantt chart they can see how their small task fits into the larger picture of the project which helps keep them motivated and on track."

Terps Racing Team

"I think TeamGantt is a great user friendly tool for laying out timelines of projects and tasks within them. Our team has multiple product design and development projects (both physical and digital). TeamGantt has been on of the more user friendly and visually clean gantt applications I've come across, and I recommended it to the team for that reason."

Jane Rabanal

"We have been using TeamGantt for a few years, and we find it effective and efficient for implementing projects. The flexibility that it has for collaboration is excellent."

Rajesh Sharma

"We are a startup medical device company working at developing a novel medical device. We have used TeamGantt to do all the of the planning the development and testing in preparation to register our device with the FDA. This tool has been very intuitive and easy for my team to learn and use. If we had any questions the quick concise video explanations gave us the information we needed. We have used this tool to keep the team focused on critical tasks and helped the us better communicate our progress to our upper management and investors. This is a great planning tool, I would recommend anyone start to use. I have even started using it to help me plan small personal projects with the trial version."

Brian Barnum
Purgo Scientific

"I've been using it for more than a year now and I've gained a fair bit of confidence in its features and quality. I can keep track of the things I need to do. I am reminded on the right date, of the things I need to do. At the same time, I can organize my tasks hierarchically—that's important, so that I can get an overall view. The support is the BEST in the industry. Queries are answered IMMEDIATELY by chat. That's great."


"TeamGantt has been a huge benefit to our project organization and tracking. It allows team members across multiple departments to keep track of project timelines and the platform interface is incredibly user friendly. We have experienced more effective communication and increased workflow efficiency thanks to TeamGantt's project planning platform."

Tate York
NeuroScience Associates

"I am a writer at my company and I use TeamGantt to track (and adjust) progress and upcoming deadlines. And I print out the Calendar view to give me a visual of how busy I am/will be in the coming weeks. It’s color-coded by client."

Leigh Wilkens

"I tested several Gantt software products and TeamGantt stood out for its ease of use, little time needed to put all the data in it and the beautiful Gantt charts that solved our problem. Better yet; it has an unexpected bonus with the sharing options: I can now share a link to anyone involved in the training process and they get full oversight over the planning in a read-only lay-out, which works fantastic. I update the main sheet, and everyone has the same version immediately, no old versions lying around in peoples inboxes or on paper on the wall, just the final version with complete clarity."

Erik de Klerk

"TeamGantt has been critical in ensuring transparency and accountability towards our shared goals and objectives. With TeamGantt, our small team can anticipate dependencies and critical paths to ensure that we are on track to complete our project within budget and timeline. We are also able to assess the impact of unexpected scenarios and make swift adjustments as needed."

John David Baltazar

"I always used different tools to plan/record my project plans and documentation and to plan and assign specific everyday tasks to my colleagues. It was so time consuming that the project plan was basically a plan of what already done, instead of a vision of things to do! For this reason I tried different project management software, but only Teamgantt got all my needs. We use Teamgantt to manage more than 15 projects divided between two working groups, we are more than 10 people."

Gianmario Gallarati
Bonomi Eugenio SpA

"Team Gantt has been an invaluable resource for our organization. The flexibility built into the scheduling system and the ease of use has kept us with TeamGantt for almost ten years. Though we have looked at many other scheduling systems, we always come back to what works best. Team Gantt has allowed us to scale our business in ways that other software solutions have not."

Scott Givens
Alturas Homes

"We are a smaller company and when I started, they were using excel for project management. I had used TeamGantt previously as a student to allow myself to organize my own schedule and projects and loved how user friendly it was. It took me a few months and using my own time to show them some of the benefits to using TeamGantt, however, now everyone is hooked. It has increased transparency between departments and crews. It has prevented double booking of equipment and increase our overall productivity."

Kelly Smith
Hibbard Inshore

"I use TeamGantt as the scheduling tool in the advanced project management classes I teach. My students, who are all active project managers, find it easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. It provides all the critical functionality you need in a scheduling tool, and presents it in a very intuitive way. TeamGantt is both robust and flexible enough to manage various sizes of projects and teams. The training materials are easy-to-access, which makes the product even easier to adopt."

Adjunct faculty at Big 10 University

"TeamGantt is a really user friendly tool that allows us to easily show clients the phases a project will go through and when. I can create a TeamGantt chart in minutes to be able to start plotting my milestone calendar. Through the share link, clients can interact with the chart, rather than just viewing a static pdf or screenshot. The project completion percent allows us to dive even further and provide our accounting team an estimate on when funds will be recognized per project and begin to predict a cadence for particular types of projects. Overall, we love Team Gantt and the visibility that it gives us into our projects. We feel like it helps to set us up for success."

Val Hinze
Mighty Citizen

"TeamGantt has helped us to deliver key scientific data in time for critical company meetings with investors and external partners. The functionality of TeamGantt allows me to map out projects at a granular level to identify bottlenecks and also where time can be saved. To those considering TeamGantt, it’ll help you to stay on top of your projects whilst reminding you to check in on certain aspects - it’s a perfect tool for any Project Manager."

Sam Letcher
Pathios Therapeutics

"I use Team Gantt on all of my projects and have saved myself hours of time per week through using the online platform. It is intuitive, visually very good and my clients have access to monitor the projects in real time. No longer do I need to worry about the version of the plan and spending time keeping everyone informed by sending around copy plans. I would recommend this platform to anyone that is responsible for managing multiple projects."

Simon Gibbs
Lite Consulting

"TeamGantt made it possible to structure our multiple projects workflow. With the implementation of this tool, our entire team has access to the same information and deadlines. Sales, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, montage, and management departments can visualize the status of a project, workload of a specific person, and discussions."

Marcelo Ribeiro Yamamoto
PTM mechatronics GmbH

"TeamGantt is intuitive, graphically appealing and easy to use. It’s helped us structure our team discussions and deliver projects faster and more efficiently."

Philippe Girardin
Patio Drummond

"TeamGantt has been a great addition to our team. It has helped me visualise our team's roadmap, and share that with other departments, which have been keen to know what's planned ahead. It's really put into perspective the plans we have and the extent to which the roadmap protrudes into the future; now we know we're all booked up until Q3 next year, whereas before that I would have guessed a few months. And even the simplicity of visualising blockers (dependencies) is beneficial. I'm a very visual person and things click for me when I see them. TeamGantt helps buckets with that."

Phil Gibbins
Splyt Technologies

"We have used TeamGantt for a number of years now. We’ve found it to be a very useful tool, assisting me in the planning of resource allocation across the projects we oversee in the IT Department. The fact that it is cloud based saves us the complication and management of local install, allowing for projects to be shared simply through a hyperlink."

Jason Martin
Nikwax Ltd.

"Prior to TeamGantt, we wasted hours of team members time creating project plans in excel, which would often then change and require further time investment to update. Moving to TeamGantt allows us to build and adapt project plans on the fly and share them with clients within minutes. Certainly, if you are making the mistakes we were with excel, I would highly recommend making the switch asap – I can’t imagine ever going back."

Lydia Hawkridge
Red Ant

"Last year we had made the use of TeamGantt optional, and given the success of using that tool, we have asked all of our teams to use it this year. It is a great solution for our teams and I appreciate all the help from your company!"

Scott Shaffar, Ph.D.
San Diego State University

"My team had grown from 4/5 people to a team of around 20, and we became increasingly responsible for more strategic projects and events. With this growth in numbers and output it became clear that managing these projects on shared excel documents was no longer feasible. So we looked for a solution to help mange the project; including all of the tasks, timeframes and who would lead on each part of the project. It also allowed me as a manager to see people’s workloads and shift items around to spread the load. We have now being using TeamGantt for 5 years and we input all our projects on there. It’s easy to navigate and really user friendly, we’ve even opened it up to our wider university teams when they are involved in key projects too."

Emily Tann
University of Chichester

"As a project manager of a website design and development agency, I rely heavily on TeamGantt's gantt chart feature to give our clients a simple yet aesthetically pleasant visual illustration of project timeline and progress of each task. The Baseline set allows my team to easily track the difference between project planning and actual execution. This definitely helps me adjust the management and client's expectations along the way."

Yanny Chung
Grayscale Limited

"As a team in a fast-paced and competitive environment, it is important for us to assign tasks efficiently and track progress effectively. Over the last year, TeamGantt’s software has provided powerful project management tools to keep us on track for all of our targets, even in a dynamically changing engineering environment. We found that the cloud-based nature of the service made it flexible and especially user-friendly, giving a clear overview of our project’s progress. We would highly recommend TeamGantt to anyone considering a new project management solution, given the combination of power and simplicity intrinsic to the system."

James Petty
Mitre Racing

"We are a construction-based company and there was always one request from the clients which is to share the project schedule with them. Team Gantt has made that simple as we can invite guest users to check the schedule and share real-time project updates with the clients. This has benefited us massively in a way of uplifting our customer services. So I believe TeamGantt is one of the best solutions for project management in the market. I would highly recommend this for almost all business sectors."

Sachith Fernando
Three Parks Development

"I've been a satisfied TeamGantt customer for a little more than 2 years now and I love how easy it is to use. The tool is intuitive and user friendly, allows communications within our team and for management to monitor our projects' progress. My favourite feature would be how I can easily re-schedule tasks in bulk- which I find is not as easily done on other platforms. The project phases can also be easily separated which makes it more visually appealing and colour coding is very useful as well as we use this to filter and allocate tasks to members in my team."

Mun Ling
Try and Review Pte Ltd

"With our planned expansion, TeamGantt has made it possible for us to track each step of the process, over multiple projects which has allowed us not to miss any important steps along the way. By assigning tasks to team members we can see who is responsible for the next update, and by sending out the email reminders of upcoming tasks and due dates it helps keep everyone on the team aligned. Honestly, without TeamGantt things could have gotten very messy with up to 20 projects going at once and we could have potentially missed some very important steps in our process that would have only delayed or stunted our progress."

Fun in Motion Toys

"I could create my stuff easily and impress customers with it. Mission accomplished."

Hans Brucker
Industrial Physics Beverage & Canning GmbH

"TeamGantt has been a great tool for our team. We manage dozens of renovation projects, from conception to production. TeamGantt, combined with Trello, has made it easier for our team to see the big picture, as well as to plan tasks with precision. Couldn’t work without it."

Catherine St-Jacques
Réno Montréal

"Since we have been using TeamGantt, project deliveries have occurred with greater transparency. Stakeholders still ask about project status, but the answer now comes faster and with better clarity. Including features like resources and dependencies when developing the project timeline helps to flush out potential pitfalls."

Anthony Di Tommaso

"TeamGantt has made it much easier to collaborate with the constant stream of new people and teams we work with as a startup. After using a cloud-based solution with a number of available integrations, we will probably not be going back to more traditional software. Additionally, the accessibility and security features are top notch. I would advise anyone searching for PM software to use TeamGantt, because it's simple and it works anywhere. It is easy to get started, and expands as you need it to with the growth of your startup."

Sal Facista

"After a short period of getting to know the tool and saying goodbye to Excel, students really experience the ease of use, and the collaboration options in TeamGantt. For me it’s very useful to check their plans and ask for updates. So I’m happy to introduce TeamGantt to our students and see their planning skills and collaboration improving."

Marten Driesser
Avans Hogeschool

"Overall TeamGantt is very easy to use and is a good way to have shared access amongst the team for project plans, activities, and resource assignments."

Thomas H.

"As a small startup, it's important for us to keep organized all the projects we have going on. At any time, we could have half a dozen projects happening that all require some level of coordination and scheduling. To a future TeamGantt customer I would tell them that it's been great at allowing us to visualize exactly what work needs to be done, when it needs to be done by, and what the dependencies of that work are. We use it every week in our all-hands to make sure everyone in the company is on the same page. We appreciate the work you guys put into making the product great."

Jay Cady

"TeamGantt has been helpful in organizing our projects. It is super user friendly, and the learning curve has been minimal. I would highly recommend to any business that needs organization but has limited time to learn a new system."

Sarah Stiner
Creative Building Solutions

"We used the free version of Team Gantt for some time to evaluate the tool/system before purchasing. This really gave us the confidence that this was the best tool for us to plan. As we went to push deeper into bigger projects that had more moving parts and my team grew, we knew we'd need a gantt tool that would provide the power and versatility to ensure that we were able to stay on target."

Scott Robinson
Jack In The Box

"As a high school technology department our students having access to TeamGantt is invaluable. Students use TeamGantt to project manage their Industrial Technology and Design and Technology projects. Using the same tools used in industry ensures that our students leave high school with skills, knowledge and experiences that prepare them for both further studies and the tools used in industry. We received regular feedback from alumni how their access to industry standard tools such as TeamGantt has given them a significant advantage at university and in the jobs market."

Ben Jones
Merrylands High School

"TeamGantt makes managing complicated projects so much easier! Everyone can see the various tasks and how they are interconnected and what they are assigned to. And the regular emails help us all stay on track. Highly recommend!"

Fred Dillon
Hopelab Foundation

"TeamGantt has helped me keep all projects big and small, running on schedule, and organized. I love that I can do notes about things to remind myself and others and I can change the date line when needed. Thanks for a great system."

Helen Gablonski
JWA Oifield Supplies

"It is great using a system that provides real-time visibility. The time tracking feature also helps the team manage their time more effectively and plan their deadlines accordingly. It also increased customer satisfaction and in general it is a nice, user-friendly interface to collaborate and share comments and documents and move projects forward!"

Dorita Arapaki

"The key advantage of TeamGantt for us has always been the ability to share deadlines and accountabilities openly and transparently with project partners. In many cases this forewarns and forearms project partners and really takes the potential for negativity out of project management by helping us to constantly manage client and partner involvement and expectations. Recently due to COVID-19 some of our projects have experienced large delays. TeamGantt is always there as a shared, objective point of reference to manage and mitigate these external impacts ensuring that our clients and partners always feel in the loop, in control and are happy at all times. No matter how complex the project we have always found that TeamGant makes it easy for all stakeholders to see, understand and, more importantly, manage projects to completion. Keep up the great work."

Giles Dutfield
Push Consulting

"I’ve used TeamGantt in my practice for years, it’s a well-designed, intuitive project management tool with a web interface that’s accessible anywhere. I’m a sole practitioner architect and use it to collaborate with clients, contractors, and consultants to track project progress and milestones. The drag-and-drop UI makes setting tasks, durations, and dependencies easy. The look and feel is deceptively simple at first glance, but double-clicking on screen handles reveals a more robust toolset, where you can add information, descriptions and build out your project teams with assignable tasks, even time tracking as needed. It’s right sized for the custom residential work I do and I especially like that I can set up a template to work from for each project, I’m always looking for systems that save me time. Highly recommend!"

Eric Reinholdt
30X40 Design Workshop

"Before we used TeamGantt, our main scheduling program was Excel and so immediately there was a great improvement in our workflows on shifting to TeamGantt. Being able to visualise a schedule, allocate colours and people to tasks, as well as easily shift entire groups across the timeline has made the way we plan our projects efficient. It’s easy to share projects with collaborators and make changes on the go. And being able to duplicate previous projects as well as work from templates means we can get set up quickly. To anyone considering using TeamGantt, it’s a great scheduling software and provides an easy-to-view visual of your projects."

Armanpreet Kapoor

"We are a startup with a SAAS product and regularly use TeamGantt as part of proposals to our blue chip customers to show timelines for implementation. Each customer implementation is complex and tailored to them and TeamGantt has the capability to go to the level of detail we need. TeamGantt is ideal for us as we can collaborate easily as a team on the implementation strategy and timings, even sharing directly with customers where appropriate. It’s easy to update in line with the ever moving goalposts of any customer rollout. In terms of benefits it gives our customers visibility of each stage of our implementation process which in turn gives them confidence we can deliver on our promises, and helps ensure we get exceptional feedback on our service."

Simon Porri

"I think the biggest benefit of TeamGantt is to be able to dissect my project into every stage. This not only helps me figure out a realistic timeline, but it lets our clients see that there are many more steps and approvals needed for a successful project. This helps to have some leverage and understanding when explaining longer lead times."

Michael Petrelli
L&M Architectural Signs

"We used the free version of Team Gantt for some time to evaluate the tool/system before purchasing. This really gave us the confidence that this was the best tool for us to plan. As we went to push deeper into bigger projects that had more moving parts and my team grew, we knew we'd need a gantt tool that would provide the power and versatility to ensure that we were able to stay on target."

Scott Robinson
Jack In The Box

"Using TeamGantt has made a significant impact on our project planning activities by making it easy to create, update and share plans amongst all our project stakeholders. Good and clear communication of plans is key to ensuring that there are no misunderstandings about responsibilities and timings. How does TeamGantt help with this? Firstly, it’s web-based so the whole project team can see the latest plan for the project that they are working on without needing to refer to the project manager or have specialist software installed. Secondly, it’s simple and easy to use which means people can create their own plans without specialist project management knowledge. Finally, we are able to easily share TeamGantt projects with our clients and contractors either online or via a pdf document so that we are all able to work to the same plan."

Mark Whitehouse

"My organization is small and works in the nonprofit space. As the lead in Learning and Evaluation, it's my role to work across teams to connect the dots among projects and improve upon our processes, At the same time, our organization is transitioning from an older, paper-based staff to a younger and digital-native staff. Using TeamGantt as a project and capacity management tool has allowed our full staff to understand connections between the streams of work and empowered the leadership team to put projects in the parking lot until we have the capacity to take them on."

Nina Culbertson
Nellie Mae Education Foundation

"As a small business, we didn't want to invest in some of the larger team management platforms that would have been impractical for the way we work. But we needed to find a tool to help plan, communicate and adjust our timelines across many projects and high-level company timelines. One of our project teams tried TeamGantt and found it easy to use and simple in design and interface while remaining powerful with its ability to address project management and communication. We are now working to deploy it across projects and use it as a strategic planning resource."

Behavioral Health Professional
Mid Atlantic Area, USA