Earn $200 or more by referring a friend

Earn 50% commissions by telling your friends about TeamGantt.
Become a TeamGantt Partner
Get 50% recurring commissions

You'll receive half of any plan your referrals buy for up to 12 months. If your friend who buys a $100 monthly plan, you’ll earn $50 each month for 12 months.

commission per referral
day referral tracking
How to become a TeamGantt partner

You’ll need to create a partner account, which is separate from your TeamGantt account.

Sign up to become a partner.  ›
Share your referral link.
Track your referrals in your partner dashboard.
How do payouts work?

Commissions and payouts are sent directly to your PayPal account.

Easy ways to get your first referrals
Post to your social accounts

Write a glowing review of TeamGantt and post it to your social accounts.

Send an email to colleagues and friends

Tell them about how TeamGantt has helped your team become more organized.

Post a review to your blog

Promote it to your network and on group Slack channels.

Frequently asked questions
How do I get paid?
Commissions are paid out via PayPal.
How do you track my referrals?
A 60-day cookie is assigned to people who click your referral link. If they purchase TeamGantt with in 60 days of clicking your link, you’ll get a commission.
How often will I get paid?
Recurring commissions are paid roughly every 60 days on a Net-60 payout. For example, if a referral purchases in January, you will be paid 60 days later.
Can I use my referral link on my or my company’s TeamGantt account?
Self-referrals are strictly prohibited. Any referrals of this nature will not be paid and will result in a termination of your partnership.
Can I run ads promoting my referral link?
You may not run paid advertisements promoting your affiliation with the partner program. Also, you may not target TeamGantt brand terms, keywords, or placements.
For all other questions, please read our partner terms of service.