Design and Creative Project Plan Templates

When creativity starts flowing, it’s easy to run with an idea and worry about the details later. But moving forward with a loose timeline and undefined scope can put your entire project at risk.

Whether you’re a project manager who oversees creative projects or a creative tasked with managing projects too, scheduling project work is only part of what you do. These design and creative project management templates simplify planning so you can jump into work that matters faster, without losing sight of the deadline.

Deliver your next design, video, or writing project on time by using these creative timeline templates to schedule tasks, collaborate as a team, and track progress along the way.

Free design and creative project schedule templates

Gantt chart templates make it easy for busy creatives like you to build, organize, and manage project plans without getting bogged down by details. Modify a template to work for your team, or use it as a sample to spark ideas for your next planning session.

Create your own templates to manage design and creative projects

Do you plan the same types of creative projects over and over again?

Creating your own gantt chart templates can save you tons of time. And with TeamGantt, it’s easy to do! Simply create a new project and save it as a template.

Use templates again and again to standardize your project management process and get projects done faster.

Free project management templates by industry

TeamGantt isn’t just for creative projects. It works well for projects in any industry. To give project managers like you a leg up, we created a whole library of free gantt chart templates your team can use.

Feel free to explore all the ready-made project templates you have available:

And more, coming soon!

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