Project management software that doesn't lose the big picture.

Plan & visualize your projects

Create a collaborative gantt chart that gives you the ability to see every step of your project from beginning to end. There is a special peace of mind knowing that you can see every step of your project.

See who’s busy, and who’s not

Check and see how many tasks each person has on any given day. You can be planning one project and know if someone already has tasks assigned in another project. That’s one of the biggest benefits of gantt chart software. Even if you only have one project open, you can still see if they are assigned a task in another project. You can view this by going to the bottom of your gantt chart and looking at the resource availability view. This allows you to create a more realistic project plan if you know how busy each team member is. You can also determine if and when to start new projects based on this information.
Learn more about our resource management software features.

See who is assigned to each task

And how many tasks they are assigned each day

Collaborate with your team

No work happens in a vacuum. It can be frustrating to try and collaborate on work when you have your tasks, files and communications all in different tools. TeamGantt makes team collaboration super simple, by pulling all these features into one tool. Learn more about our Team collaboration software features

Centralize All Your Project Information

TeamGantt gives you the ability to have all your information right at your fingertips. You don’t need a whole bunch of different screens. With just one screen you can see all of your conversations, files, tasks, assignments, availability and more right in your gantt chart.


Comment on any task and keep your conversation right there with that task.


Organize your documents by attaching them to the task that you will need them for.

Cut Out the Clutter

As projects grow, this is a great way to see just the information that you need to know. For example, you could see all tasks that are assigned to you and due this week.

Many, Many More Great Features

Print PDF's

Print beautiful PDF’s of your gantt charts to include in a client proposal or perhaps for a meeting with the boss.

Access on the Go

If you are away from your desktop you can visit the mobile site and do important things such as update your progress on a task or add a comment.

Sub Groups

You can get as detailed as you like with your projects. Feel free to create sub groups and nest tasks as deep as you desire.