Features That Make Work Easier

Save time, hit deadlines, and deliver within budget using TeamGantt.

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Agencies, tech companies, and global manufacturers love TeamGantt’s features to plan and complete their projects.

Drag & Drop Simplicity

Change start and end dates, reorder tasks, and adjust your timelines in a single click.

Easy Collaboration for Your Team

See every project update and document on a single page and quickly share them with both internal and external stakeholders.

Customizable Views

Choose to see tasks by day, in a calendar view, a simple list format, or in a gantt chart.

See Team Availability & Workload

Manage resources, stay on budget, and ensure everyone is working but not overloaded with an easy-to-access availability tab.

View Planned Timeline vs. Actual Timeline

Compare the original timeline projection with the actual timeline of the project with a baseline report.

More Features

That make work easier.

Project Dependencies

Set the order in which tasks should be completed.

Real-Time Project Progress

View a project’s status without scheduling a meeting or sending another email.


File Storage

Upload files and documents to any project or to an individual task.

Print Timeline PDFs

Print a beautiful PDF of your project timeline to take into meetings.


Time Tracking

Track hours spent on tasks and projects.


Update progress and add comments from your phone or tablet.


Project Plan Templates

Save time by creating reusable templates for you and your team.

Works on Mac & PC

TeamGantt looks and works the same on every machine.


Subgroups & Tasks

Create as many sub groups and nest tasks as deep as you desire.

Import Spreadsheets

Use Excel spreadsheets? Import existing project timelines as a CSV.


Embed Timelines

Embed attractive project timelines on to any page of your website.


Cut out the clutter of large projects by using filters to view only the tasks you want to see.


Sticky Notes

Make sure important updates are seen by using a sticky note on projects and tasks.