Product Updates

What's new in TeamGantt, you ask? You're in the right place! Check out our latest releases —including new features, enhancements, and fixes—below.

TeamGantt Update

October 7, 2021

 New + Improved

  • New: Boards now update in real time! 💥 If there are multiple editors on a board, you no longer need to refresh to see changes. 
  • New: When creating a new project from a template, you can now invite the teams from the template into the new project in the process.
  • New: Check out our new Integrations page to see and connect other apps to TeamGantt. ↪️
  • Improved: [Trello Power-Up] Signing up for the Power-Up no longer auto-creates the first project, giving users the power to create and sync a project of their own.

RACI Chart Feature

September 16, 2021

With our new RACI feature, you can easily indicate the responsibility level for each user on every task, then keep those roles in view while you’re working on your project. 

This helps eliminate confusion and clarify exactly what everyone needs to do. 💯

 Learn more about accessing and using RACI here!

TeamGantt Update

September 7, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: Realtime comments now occur in all paid accounts. No more refreshing to see the latest response to a thread! 
  • Improved: [Trello Power-Up] The integration now supports the ability to enable/disable the date syncing. You can find this by clicking on the Power-Up in your board’s sidebar menu and selecting Edit Power-Up Settings.


  • Fixed: Indentation issues between tasks and subgroups that were indented at the same level. They are now in line. 
  • Fixed: [Firefox] An issue where flyout menus on the gantt chart automatically closed when selecting an option inside of them (ie: Menu > My Preferences > Hourly Scheduling)

TeamGantt Update

August 11, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: You can now sign in with Google, if your TeamGantt login email is a Gmail address. 
  • New: [Trello Power-Up] Task dates now sync between TeamGantt and Trello 🎉 (Note: Dates will begin to sync as they are changed. Existing synced tasks do not automatically get updated to match.)


  • Fixed: A bug that caused some users to have to click twice while signing in with Google. 
  • Fixed: A bug that caused an app crash after inviting a person to a custom board. 
  • Fixed: A bug that created multiple cards in a board if enter/return was hit multiple times during card creation.

Default Project Views

July 29, 2021

You can now set a default view for new projects. 🙌

For instance, if you set the default to Board view, new people invited into the project will be dropped directly into Board view.

Spend time in another view? TeamGantt will now remember which view you were in last, so no more toggling to your favorite!

Slack Integration Update

June 10, 2021

We just launched a TeamGantt home screen for Slack. 💥

With our new home screen, you can:

View the tasks that you need to work on today, and update a task’s percent complete, add a comment to a task, or open a task in TeamGantt. 

Reply to comment mentions without ever leaving Slack.

If you currently use the TeamGantt integration for Slack or would like to give it a try, click this install link to opt in to the new features:

To read more about our Slack integration, visit our support doc

TeamGantt Update

June 2, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: You can now update project board cards with gantt drag-and-drop.


  • Fixed: An issue on custom boards that allowed users to open the task details for a task on a project to which they were not invited. 
  • Fixed: An issue where modified hours in the gantt chart's time tracking overlay do not sum up correctly.

TeamGantt Update

April 28, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: You can now set a billing contact (name & email address) in Account Settings > Company Details > Billing Information and all billing communication will go to that person. This is helpful when you have a finance department that’s separate from the users on your account or the original purchaser is no longer with your company.
  • New: If your organization has a tax exempt status, we’re happy to apply that to your account! But only with a valid form of tax exempt documentation. 
  • Improved: You can now set a range of company holidays in one step (i.e. Dec 24th - January 2nd), instead of creating a new holiday for each day. ✈️


  • Fixed: An issue where the expected percent complete line behind a task bar (in My Tasks/ List view/ Timesheet) is in the wrong place.


April 28, 2021

Group users—by department, client company, office location, and more—with our Teams feature. 

Teams allows you to:

  • Manage project access for multiple users at once 
  • View all your teams’ tasks across projects
  • Easily onboard and offboard users by adding/removing them to/from multiple projects at once
  • Easily transition people to a different team if there are changes at your company

Learn more about Teams here.

TeamGantt Update

April 14, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: Now you can easily move all tasks from one column to another on a board by selecting the 3-dot menu > Move All Cards. Then, simply pick a new column.
  • Improved: Task progress changes are now logged in Board view. Changes made in a board will show in the task's history everywhere in TeamGantt.


  • Fixed: An issue where cards are not removed from custom boards when the project is archived.
  • Fixed: An issue where the delete confirmation message in List view sometimes displayed under the context menu.
  • Fixed: An issue where tasks that are dragged from a board inbox to a column that has a default % complete value were not updated to the respective progress percentage.

TeamGantt Update

March 2, 2021

New + Improved

  • Improved: CSV files that are exported from TeamGantt will now auto-column match when re-imported into TeamGantt. 😎
  • New: Workloads now requires a Premium trial or paid subscription to view. This includes both the Workloads report and the View Availability pane within a project. 


  • Fixed: An issue where the holiday date picker is frozen when trying to advance months. Gotta make sure those holidays are accounted for 🏖️
  • Fixed: An issue where tasks that start and end today are counted as overdue in Portfolio view
  • Fixed: An issue where company and project labels are allowed to have an empty string as a name
  • Fixed: Baselines has been fixed to require a minimum of a Premium trial to access.
  • Fixed: An issue in mobile where hourly adjustment confirmation text is unable to fit in the allowed space
  • Fixed: An issue where loading a board with the “unassigned” filter selected causes the page to crash

TeamGantt Update

February 8, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: The TeamGantt integration for Zapier is now in beta! Check it out here
  • New: Both mobile apps (iOS and Android) now support reordering tasks and checklist items with drag and drop. Mobile users will need to open and close the app a couple times to access this feature right away.
  • New: Resources are now called Labels in TeamGantt. We made the change to align the feature's name with how our users actually use it. 💪


  • Fixed: When upgrading an active subscription, you can choose to use an existing payment method instead of having to re-enter card details. 

Portfolio View

January 25, 2021

Portfolio view has launched for accounts on our Advanced plan! 

Portfolio view makes it easy to keep tabs on all the projects you manage from a single, centralized hub. Organize projects into folders—by team, department, client, project owner, quarter, and more—and regularly check project health to identify potential delays or roadblocks early.

Learn more about Portfolio view here.

TeamGantt Update

January 11, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: Our Dropbox integration is live! 💥 Users will now be able to upload documents from Dropbox, in addition to files from their hard disk. This integration is only available with paid plans and premium trials. Learn more
  • New: Sales tax collection is now in effect. 💸This only applies to new purchases and upgrades in the following US states: AZ, CT, MS, NM, NY, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, WA, & WV. If sales tax applies to your account, the checkout page will now include a line item for the tax amount to be collected.


  • Fixed: An issue where clicking a scrollbar to scroll an overlay or dropdown closes it.

TeamGantt Update

December 7, 2020

New + Improved

  • Improved: Workloads has been tuned a little for better performance—roughly a 10-15% boost. 🚀


  • Fixed: An issue where today's date is always used as the date for an uploaded document when viewing it through the discussion thread.
  • Fixed: Tasks in completed projects are no longer hidden from the project's Calendar view.
  • Fixed: An issue where some users on IE11 and old versions of Edge were getting white screens.
  • Fixed: An issue where shareable view settings can get lost when switching from Gantt view to Calendar view, and back.
  • Fixed: Baselines are now (properly) sorted by their created date for a consistent experience.

TeamGantt Update

November 9, 2020

New + Improved

  • New: A new checkout page design has been implemented, and it looks snazzy! But it should also help bring more clarity to pricing and discounts, compared to its predecessor.
  • New: Advanced filtering and searching is now available in all Calendar views. The Calendar view located in My Tasks and project Calendar view have been updated to use the same filter menu as Board view and List view. The filter options include people, dates, and colors.

  • New: [Mobile] Users will now be notified when their device is offline.
  • New: View and control the position of all cards that are connected to a task directly from the task’s edit window. (Note: This is only available to current boards beta users).


  • Fixed: An issue where users with Update Their Progress permission are unable to update progress on their tasks.
  • Fixed: [Trello Power-Up] An issue where choosing a project to auto-sync to in the initial signup does not work.  
  • Fixed: An issue in Safari where search options are hidden while searching for resources to add via the People page.
  • Fixed: [Mobile] An issue where scrolling the Calendar view can cause dates to jump.

TeamGantt Update

October 12, 2020

New + Improved

  • New: [Mobile] Users with Update Their Progress and View Only permission can now remove their uploaded documents when using the mobile app.
  • New: Users can now filter by project in custom Boards and List view (if multiple projects are open).


  • Fixed: Any project user can now delete a file they uploaded. Previously, only users with Admin or Edit Chart permission could do so.

Boards beta release

October 1, 2020

Add another dimension to your projects with TeamGantt’s native kanban board feature! 

Plan and track your project’s big picture with a linear timeline in Gantt view, and then prioritize and organize tasks for smoother workflows in Board view. 

Create a Project board (a board within a project) or a Custom board (a board that pulls in tasks from multiple projects). 

Learn more about boards here.

TeamGantt Update

July 1, 2020

Here are the latest TeamGantt updates:

  • New: Price localization (pricing page). We now support viewing subscription prices in Euros and British Pounds. (Note: All subscriptions are still charged in USD and are subject to exchange rate variations). 
  • New: We now support pasting files into comments instead of having to attach them. It’s the little things. 
  • New: Plans with no user limits. Users can now purchase as few users as they’d like. Previously there was a 5-user minimum. Now it’s a 1-user minimum. Small teams rejoice.
  • New: Creating project baselines via the TeamGantt API. Our RESTful API now includes the option to sync baseline data between TeamGantt and your app. (Learn more about the API here.)

TeamGantt Update

August 1, 2019

Here are the latest TeamGantt updates:

  • New: Real-time comments. See other people’s comments appear in the thread in real-time—no need to refresh! 
  • New: [Trello] Reset Board option. This gives users the ability to remove all attachments from their cards to TeamGantt, which is helpful when you sync to the wrong project or decide to switch to manual syncing.
  • New: Guest user permission level. Add Guests to your account in Account Settings > Manage People or directly to a project via the project’s People page.

Mobile version 1.7 iOS and Android

July 8, 2019

With the latest mobile app update, you can: 

  • Find Discussions you’ve been tagged in faster using the new Mentions filter.
  • Keep better tabs on unread Discussions with a handy green count indicator in your menu.
  • Convert tasks and milestones to a subgroup for a perfectly organized project plan.
  • Make task notes and comments a breeze to read with Markdown formatting.
  • Choose "Hide Completed" to tuck away completed groups and get a leaner, cleaner view of work that still needs to be done.

Templates preview modal on 'New Project' page

July 3, 2019

Get started on projects faster with templates! Our new templates preview modal includes the following options: 

  • General templates—Blank project, Basic project, and Get Started with TeamGantt
  • Custom templates that your team has created
  • A library of pre-built templates by industry

Click on any template option to preview it, and select Use Template if you like what you see—easy as that! 

Learn more about the pre-built template options here

New List view

June 19, 2019

List view has a brand new design! It now supports: 

  • Advanced filtering
  • Easy task reordering and new task creation
  • Sharing the view directly

Learn more about List view here.

New sidebar menu

June 12, 2019

TeamGantt’s sidebar and gantt chart both have a fresh new look! ✨ These changes were designed with 3 main goals in mind:

  • Reduce clutter and improve scannability so it’s easier to find what you need
  • Put important projects, features, and tools at your fingertips faster
  • Make room for future features—like folders and boards—in the sidebar

The latest features include:

  • Quick links for key sections—Me, Discussions, and Reports
  • Collapse and expand on hover
  • Favorites (starred projects)
  • Search bar

Learn more about navigating the sidebar menu here.