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What's new in TeamGantt, you ask? Check out our latest releases —including new features, enhancements, and fixes—below.
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Export to Procore

July 1, 2024

Easily manage and schedule your construction projects from TeamGantt and import them into Procore!

You can now export TeamGantt project files in format that can be uploaded to Procore. Here are some benefits:

  • Use TeamGantt to create and manage your project’s timeline
  • Easily sync your project to Procore to keep your subcontractors up to date with their responsibilities
  • Sync task resources so you can assign them in Procore
  • Sync dependencies so you can see your critical path in Procore

How to use:

  • TeamGantt: Create your project in TeamGantt
  • TeamGantt: Assign tasks to people/labels
  • TeamGantt: Menu > Export to Procore
  • Procore: Download file and import into Procore
    • Open your project’s “Schedule” and click “New +” > “Upload schedule”
    • Select your file and upload it.

TeamGantt Update

May 31, 2024

New + Improved 

  • The RACI feature is now available on Pro plans.
  • Improved: The Account Settings page was updated to simplify Subscription section details
  • Improved: Cancellation and legacy invoices links were added to the Plan details page

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: All Managers now have access to the Time Tracking Report
  • Fixed: A bug where the My Tasks > List page infinitely loaded
  • Fixed: A bug where the Predecessors column was blank in CSV exports
  • Fixed: A bug where the app banner wasn't dismissed after accepting/rejecting permission upgrade requests
  • Fixed: An error with opening the task details modal in a public/embedded view
  • Fixed: An issue with groups not showing up in Gantt view
  • Fixed: A bug where the option to add a task/ milestone/ group displayed in public view when not logged in
  • Fixed: A bug where the Plan details page infinitely loaded
  • Fixed: An error with deleting a group in List view
  • Fixed: [Firefox] An error loading checklist pop-ups
  • Fixed: An issue viewing invoices when on an on-hold plan
  • Fixed: An issue with “start date” when creating a new project
  • Fixed: A bug where the time tracking history modal was hidden behind the task details modal
  • Fixed: The "Request a progress update" link is now only displayed when users are assigned to a task or milestone
  • Fixed: [Mobile] An error with adding time in the mobile app (Android)

Import Microsoft Project files

April 9, 2024

You can now import Microsoft Project (.mpp) files to create new projects in TeamGantt. 💪

Go to the New Project screen, and select the Import from Microsoft Project option to upload your file. 

At this time, we only support importing: 

  • Tasks
  • Dependencies between tasks
  • Task completion percentages

We do not (yet) support importing: 

  • Resources
  • Task resource assignments

If you have feedback, send us a message at or submit it to the post in our feedback forum

View and assign RACI roles directly from tasks

February 20, 2024

Project managers can now view and edit RACI information directly from the task details window– No more navigating to the RACI page to figure out people’s roles!

While using RACI from the task details window, you can assign the same user to multiple RACI roles in the same task, if desired.

Bonus: The last selected tab–Details, Checklist, or RACI–will now display by default when you open the details window for a task or group.

TeamGantt Update

February 13, 2024

New + Improved ✨

  • New: You can now create dependencies in a task’s details window! Search and add predecessor or successor tasks without having to go to Gantt view.
  • New: There’s now an option to leave a company directly from your Account Settings page. This is helpful if you no longer need to access projects in a company and would like to declutter your account.
  • Improved: The task color palette got a bright and fresh update. You’ll also see an updated color picker everywhere but Gantt view (coming soon) 💅

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: A bug where clicking a user's name in the workloads view tried to load every project in the company–not just the ones that user is invited to.
  • Fixed: An issue with responsiveness on the My Projects page
  • Fixed: A bug where the Teams page wasn't scrollable
  • Fixed: Printing issues in List view
  • Fixed: Users added via company invite can now reset their password prior to confirming the invite.
  • Fixed: An error when loading the public Calendar page
  • Fixed: An issue where the Project Health Report’s Okay, Behind, & Overdue color swatches were too light
  • Fixed: A bug where documents and comments weren't displayed in public view, but should’ve been available
  • Fixed: An issue where no error message was shown when the checkout process failed 😱
  • Fixed: An issue that allowed unchecking all companies in the Portfolio filter, and then incorrectly showed a plan upgrade modal
  • Fixed: A bug where if milestone locking was enabled and an unscheduled task was converted to a milestone, it couldn’t be scheduled
  • Fixed: [Trello] An issue with time zones in Trello that caused dates to be incorrect for some users

Lock milestones so they can’t be rescheduled 🔒

January 10, 2024

Project managers can now lock milestones in your project’s settings (Menu > Project Settings in Gantt view or Menu > Open project details in other views).

Simply, toggle Lock milestone dates on. 

If milestones are locked, all milestones in the project are unable to be rescheduled. However, they can still be reordered vertically in your task list. 

If someone tries to reschedule a milestone, a tooltip will appear letting them know that the milestone has been locked to its current date. 

Milestones can be unlocked at any time by heading back to your project’s settings and toggling Lock milestone dates off. 

Let us know if you have any feedback on locking milestones here!

TeamGantt Update

November 20, 2023

New + Improved ✨

  • New: There’s a new plan details page (Account Settings > Plan Details), where you can access and modify your plan details, access your invoice history, and view upcoming bill information. 
  • New: List view now has the Highlight feature! You can highlight the tasks that you want to focus on for easier scanning. 
  • Improved: List, Calendar, and Board view now have updated ‘Filter’ drop-downs that are more consistent across views. 
  • Improved: All confirmation modal copy app-wide has been updated to add more clarity.

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: Language on the PDF Export button on our Free plan has been updated to clarify that there is an export limit. 
  • Fixed: [IOS/Android App] A bug where the "Add item" control wasn't focused after adding a checklist item
  • Fixed: The states of the new “Hide Completed” filter (in all views but Gantt) were updated to make the filter more clear. 
  • Fixed: A bug where comment submissions were failing
  • Fixed: A bug in Board view where card assignment wasn’t working from a card’s 3-dot menu
  • Fixed: A bug in Board view where View > “Show project name" didn’t do anything 
  • Fixed: [Android App] A bug where PDF attachments couldn’t be opened
  • Fixed: A bug in Portfolio view where project drag was broken when project health data was turned on

Zapier Integration Update

August 28, 2023

You can now easily automate workflows between TeamGantt and your other work tools.

We significantly enhanced our Zapier integration, adding new triggers and more helpful actions. Here a just a few of the new workflows you can automate:

  • Create/update a project automatically based on triggers you set.
  • Send out automated alerts in Microsoft Teams (or Slack) when a project falls behind schedule.
  • Update tasks in other project management tools used by team members.
  • And so much more!

This upgraded integration is available to all users on all plans.

Check it out by clicking the Integrations icon in the sidebar, or simply click here.

TeamGantt Update

August 24, 2023

New + Improved ✨

  • New: “Edit task” is now “Open task details” throughout TeamGantt. 👀 
  • Improved: List view, Board view, Calendar view, and RACI view drop-down menus and menu bars got styling updates 🎨
  • Improved: The PDF Settings page got an update, which makes the options easier to navigate.
  • Improved: Custom pricing is now accurately reflected in the Modify subscription page.
  • Improved: Task history got an update, which organizes changes into an easy-to-scan format.

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: A bug where List view showed the option to create a new project to users who didn’t have adequate permissions
  • Fixed: A bug where My Tasks was showing completed overdue tasks
  • Fixed: [Trello] An error that occurred when pinning a Trello linked comment
  • Fixed: A bug where an empty state was shown when loading a filtered Project Health Report
  • Fixed: A bug in List view, which prevented deleting tasks, milestones, and groups
  • Fixed: A loophole that allowed users to select an end date, but not a start date, when creating/editing a task
  • Fixed: An issue that prevented deactivating a guest user that was in a team
  • Fixed: A bug where filters in My Tasks did not persist

TeamGantt Update

July 11, 2023

Here are the latest updates  👇

Gantt view

  • Fixed: An issue with columns overlapping in week view
  • Fixed: Column resize control issues on the Gantt chart
  • Fixed: A bug where the drag control of a collapsed group was removed upon click

List view

  • Fixed: A bug where a public project's List view didn’t load for non-authenticated users
  • Fixed: A bug where the value in the task name input field was removed if entered too quickly
  • Fixed: A bug that caused an infinite loop when re-parenting groups in List view

Board view

  • Fixed: A bug where the card count was out of sync with tasks


  • Fixed: A bug where a Board admin couldn’t edit Power-Up settings
  • Fixed: A bug where group deletion in TeamGantt didn't remove nested tasks' linked Trello cards
  • Fixed: Issues with the Trello date sync 

Account Management

  • ✨New: Subscription details can now be found on the Account Settings page, so it’s easier to navigate to that information.
  • Fixed: A bug clicking the “Update Payment Method” button could throw an error
  • Fixed: A bug where multiple subscriptions were created under different records for the same customer 
  • Fixed: An error with deleting a user with a pending permission upgrade request
  • Fixed: A bug where the page is stuck in a loading state after company logo update fails
  • Fixed: An issue where the company logo didn't auto-scale when the image was too big
  • Fixed: An bug where the Manage people state wasn't updated after approving a request for upgraded permissions

Reporting & Time tracking

  • Fixed: A bug where the timer couldn’t be started from Time Tracking Report page
  • Fixed: A bug where users could still see tasks on the Time Sheet from projects they had been removed from
  • Fixed: Issues starting the timer from a task on My Tasks’ List view page
  • Fixed: A bug where Portfolio view's status counts were incorrect after tasks were updated

My Tasks

  • Fixed: A bug where My Tasks Gantt & List view didn’t load when a user isn't on any projects
  • Fixed: A bug where completed, overdue tasks were displayed in My Tasks "In progress" group

Task details

  • Fixed: An error when tabbing from the "Start" date picker to the "End" date picker
  • Fixed: An error when setting a checklist item as blank
  • Fixed: An issue that prevented pasting an image in a comment while text is selected
  • Fixed: An error when quickly checking/unchecking an assignment checkbox
  • Fixed: An unhandled error when deleting a previously deleted document

Project management

  • Fixed: An issue with previewing templates on the New Project page
  • Fixed: A bad link in the "You have some items due tomorrow" notification email
  • Fixed: A bug with the PDF export where non-scheduled tasks weren’t included, but should’ve been since “Include blank dates” was toggled on. 

Google Translate

  • Fixed: An issue with editing labels on the People page
  • Fixed: An issue with tags in comments

Deactivate Users

June 26, 2023

Pro and Enterprise plans now have the option to deactivate users instead of removing them from your TeamGantt account. 🎉

This lets you:

  • Free up seats on your account without losing information about who was assigned to the task.
  • Easily add and remove team members from projects without worry about deleting their account.

See it in action below.

TeamGantt Update

February 20, 2023

We’ve been hard at work on some exciting new features that are still under wraps… 🤫. In the meantime, here are some bugs that we’ve recently squashed. 

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: A bug where the edit task window didn’t open on My Tasks pages
  • Fixed: A bug where marking an already-active project as ‘active’ removes it from the active view on the My Projects page
  • Fixed: An issue where the email field wasn't disabled in edit user form, therefore allowing for accidental email changes
  • Fixed: An error loading the Workloads report if you’re in multiple companies
  • Fixed: A bug where printing from My Tasks (List or Calendar view) didn’t work
  • Fixed: An issue on Board view, where a single line task name that was longer than 278px wouldn’t display properly
  • Fixed: Issues with the timer if it had been stopped in another session
  • Fixed: A bug where users couldn’t be edited when the collaborator maximum was reached
  • Fixed: An error when creating a task in List view
  • Fixed: A bug where the Advanced Project Notifications page wasn’t loading content
  • Fixed: A bug where the browser back button didn’t work after visiting My Projects
  • Fixed: A bug where only currently visible resources were included when printing List view
  • Fixed: An error loading the premium trial checkout page
  • Fixed: A bug where the submit button showed the incorrect state after a subscription submission failed
  • Fixed: The incorrect width of the permission level fields on the Manage People page
  • Fixed: An issue where the collaborator upgrade button in the header was inconsistently displayed
  • Fixed: A bug where an empty state was shown after refresh on the My Projects page (if you were 2+ pages deep in your project list)
  • Fixed: The milestone icon looked bad on the printed Gantt chart. We fixed it. 
  • Fixed: A bug where the assigned filter wasn't applied when printing project notes
  • Fixed: An error when marking a comment "read" that is already "read"
  • Fixed: A misplaced loading indicator on Calendar view
  • Fixed: A bug where inviting a guest to a custom Board hung indefinitely
  • Fixed: An issue opening links to the My Tasks page from email
  • Fixed: An error that resulted when clicking the edit and add controls when using a public key
  • Fixed: An issue with opening multiple projects from the sidebar
  • Fixed: A bug where the timer couldn’t be started from the page header
  • Fixed: A bug where switching a manager to free collaborator did not update the page
  • Fixed: An issue loading the Workloads section of Gantt view
  • Fixed: An issue loading pages when using Google Translate
  • Fixed: Some color picker style issues 🎨  
  • Fixed: A Firefox drag-and-drop issue
  • Fixed: An error when updating the estimated hours field in the Gantt chart, which showed hours as undefined when reassigning hours for labels
  • Fixed: [Trello] An issue where the "Manage people & labels" option was incorrectly available in the menu, and it was unclickable
  • Fixed: An error when deleting a group
  • Fixed: A bug that occurred when adding users where the submission loader didn't close if the payment method was invalid 
  • Fixed: An issue where columns overlapped in Gantt view when it was set at a week-level zoom

TeamGantt Update

January 10, 2023

New + Improved ✨

  • New: The option to access Teams is now available on all plans (some will require an upgrade).
  • Improved: The color of the scroll bar in Gantt view has been updated… so it looks like less like a group 😅.
  • Improved: Time tracking report filtering now allows you to select all active projects. Plus, filters are now remembered.

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: A bug where clicking outside of a board selection didn't close the dropdown
  • Fixed: An issue with loading Workloads as a user with collaborator permissions
  • Updated: The task resources section in our API docs
  • Fixed: A bug where deleting a user could be blocked by a foreign key constraint
  • Fixed: An error that occurred when trying to create a card on a non-loaded board
  • Fixed: An issue with the Edit-user modal 
  • Updated: The styling and copy for destructive action modals (i.e. deleting a task). This update also fixed a bug where the modal was cut off when you tried to delete a card in the leftmost column of a board.
  • Fixed: A bug where the template selection modal on our New project page was enabled too early
  • Fixed: A bug where a custom board flickers on load with the setup wizard
  • Fixed: Distorted images in our onboarding flow
  • Updated: Our own REST API is now included on our integrations page. 😉
  • Fixed: A bug where our chat pop-up was duplicated

TeamGantt Update

December 12, 2022

New + Improved ✨

  • New: The option to access Portfolio view is now available on all plans (some will require an upgrade).
  • New: You can now choose to downgrade to the free plan during the cancellation flow, if you’d still like to use TeamGantt in a limited capacity. 


Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: An error in the onboarding flow for some users in which the Next button was disabled
  • Fixed: An bug where closing out of the "Request a progress update" modal caused issues with Gantt view
  • Fixed: A bug where Basic users with Admin permissions couldn’t send project invites
  • Updated: Button styling app-wide
  • Fixed: A bug where editing a user resulted in an error
  • Fixed: A grammatical error in the Lite Manager description during onboarding 
  • Fixed: A bug where rendering a deleted task caused a styling issue if the name was blank
  • Fixed: An issue in the PDF export, where group names overlapped percent complete
  • Fixed: The color of the checkbox filter
  • Fixed: A bug where selecting the star/favorite icon in the sidebar didn’t update until refresh
  • Fixed: A funky page styling issue on the Manage People page
  • Fixed: Blank name submissions are no longer permitted with inline edits of tasks, milestones, or groups
  • Fixed: A bug where a project board’s search field didn’t respect the 'Highlight results' option
  • Fixed: A bug where Basic users with "edit chart" permissions could no longer add/edit tasks

TeamGantt Update

November 15, 2022

New + Improved ✨

  • New: Collaborators now have the option to request the ability to create new projects.
  • Improved: Menu buttons and filters now better meet accessibility standards 💙
  • Improved: Custom Boards now have a setup wizard to help you get started more easily. 

Fixed 🐛

  • There’s now a better, unified experience for project pages that have URLs with missing or invalid project IDs.
  • Fixed: A permissions issue where collaborators couldn’t move board tasks assigned to them
  • Fixed: A bug where create/update/delete functionality wasn’t working in the checklist pop-up
  • Fixed: [FireFox] An issue with entering notes
  • Fixed: A bug where deleted groups stayed in a Board’s memory and didn’t allow you to add a new task 
  • Fixed: A bug where the Add People or Labels link in the resources filter opened an old iframe
  • Fixed: Broken Learn More links on the project People page
  • Fixed: A bug where the inline control for adding a new card showed on both the top and bottom of a card…or not at all
  • Fixed: An issue where the page titles for Gantt and Discussions were displaying the incorrect info
  • Fixed: Issues with expanding the task column in Gantt view
  • Fixed: A bug where newly unassigned tasks weren’t included in the Workloads “Unassigned" category until after a page refresh
  • Fixed: A bug where deleted tasks weren’t removed from Workloads counts until after a page refresh
  • Fixed: A bug where newly assigned, but unscheduled, tasks weren’t reflected in their Workloads category until after a page refresh
  • Fixed: A bug in Boards where sorting for groups in the new card creation form was purely alphabetical
  • Fixed: A bug where erasing text in the Search dropdown didn’t clear the search
  • Fixed: A bug that happened while tagging a user in comment that's being actively edited
  • Fixed: Issues with viewing the Gantt chart from a public link
  • Fixed: A bug where selecting All on a note pop-up in Gantt view didn't show documents
  • Fixed: Improved list sorting to be more natural and expected
  • Fixed: A bug where column reordering didn’t work during Custom Board creation
  • Fixed: A bug where the Back link on a Board didn’t do anything if user wasn’t in the project
  • Fixed: An issue where the tooltip that appears when hovering over the plus icon on the My Projects page expanded beyond the page
  • Fixed: A bug where newly created projects didn't appear in the project list on the Calendar Feed page
  • Fixed: An issue where unsaved changes in the task’s edit window weren’t visible due to scroll
  • Fixed: A bug where filters weren’t applied to newly added Board items
  • Fixed: A bug where the Project Settings link didn't open project’s edit window
  • Fixed: A bug where toggling the Hide Completed filter removed empty groups from List view

TeamGantt Update

October 17, 2022

New + Improved ✨

  • New: Comments can now be pinned to the top of your thread. Never dig for that vital info again!
  • New: The Workloads report now supports showing users grouped by team. No more having to scour for each teammate individually. (P.S. More configurability to come!)
  • New: My Tasks is the new default screen for Free Collaborators (AKA Basic users), so it’s easier for them to find the work that matters to them.
  • Improved: The Share button and menus in Gantt view got a little facelift.
  • Improved: There is now an in-app update to notify admins when a Free Collaborator requests Manager permissions.
  • Improved: The Time Tracking report is now speedier to load, especially on larger accounts.
  • Improved: The navigation in Gantt and List view in My Tasks is now more up-to-date with these views elsewhere. 
  • Improved: The filter display on a custom board has been updated to make it take up less space and be a little more readable. 
  • Improved: The top navigation has been condensed app-wide to give everyone a liiiittle more workspace. 🤏


Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: A bug where the project label was missing from the browser tab while in Gantt view
  • Fixed: A bug where bookmarks did not work when using Firefox
  • Fixed: A bug where team members weren't sorted alphabetically in the Workloads report
  • Fixed: An bug where Managers/Account Holders could downgrade their own permissions
  • Fixed: [Android] A bug where Discussion items did not show detail when clicked 
  • Fixed: A bug where a blank task or group could be submitted in List view
  • Fixed: [Android] An issue where the Discussion page appeared to be partially grayed out
  • Fixed: A design issue where Status items in a custom Board filter inbox were not displayed as radio buttons 🫣
  • Fixed: An issue where diacritics weren't allowed in email addresses
  • Fixed: A bug where the Time Sheet did not show all projects
  • Fixed: A bug where assigned user avatars weren’t displayed in printed List view
  • Fixed: A bug where some date formats didn’t display correctly in List view
  • Fixed: An issue that was occurring with Collaborator tooltip styling when a page was small
  • Fixed: An issue where the Board column name field didn’t display a cursor 
  • Fixed: A bug that prevented seeing which task in the Workloads report had been clicked, when trying to open it in Gantt view
  • Fixed: A bug where the Team calendar only showed the current user by default
  • Fixed: A bug where controls for adding new tasks, milestones, subgroups, and groups were displayed on non-active projects
  • Fixed: An issue where clicking on a user or label no longer opened the drop-down of all available users or labels in the project
  • Fixed: A bug where projects weren’t displaying on the Calendar feed page
  • Fixed: A bug where options were missing from the Menu drop-down on List view in My Tasks
  • Fixed: Broken links in Gantt view’s time tracking pop-up
  • Fixed: [Safari] A bug where the options to assign people and assign labels overlapped each other after existing assignments were removed
  • Fixed: A bug where the Manage People page crashed in multi-company accounts

TeamGantt Update

September 19, 2022

New + Improved ✨

  • New: Added highlighting for @ mentions in comments and discussions to make it easier to see where you’ve been tagged.
  • New: Workloads now shows users and labels sorted by company. This is helpful if you’re a user on more than one account. 
  • New: [Slack] We now show who assigned you a task.
  • Improved: We updated the form for adding a brand new user to a project.
  • Improved: We improved our cancellation process so that accounts now stay open until the end of the current billing cycle, instead of closing the account right away.
  • Improved: We redesigned the user and label assignment section of the task edit window. 🎨
  • Improved: We updated our Board setup flow to make the next steps and column creation clearer.


Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: A bug where opening the task edit window fetched the task information twice
  • Fixed: An issue where Basecamp rejected a sync when a task is assigned to a user in TeamGantt but not in Basecamp
  • Fixed: A bug where users were unable to cancel premium trials
  • Fixed: A bug where tagging multiple users in a comment displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed: Issues with the Boards filter dropdown where not all people were displayed and the dropdown could get a double scroll bar.
  • Fixed: An issue where no loading indicator would display when updating a payment method
  • Fixed: An issue where text was not displayed correctly after user tag in a comment
  • Fixed: A bug where selecting the "Hide Completed" filter in List view did not persist

TeamGantt Update

August 22, 2022

New + Improved ✨

  • Improved: Updated the workloads tab and scroll bar styling in Gantt view
  • Improved: Made an update that makes it easier to see the entire column name when selecting from the task edit window
  • Improved: There’s now an updated PDF Settings page (Menu > Print/Export PDF)
  • Improved: There’s also an updated Print/Export Notes page (Menu > Print/Export Notes)
  • Improved: Added a hover state to applied filters to more clearly indicate the “x” is clickable


Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: A bug where clicking outside a task did not close it, unless you were almost at the top of the task
  • Fixed: An issue with how long names were displaying in the assignment window
  • Fixed: An issue where the Gantt filter menu closed on selection
  • Fixed: Odd spacing on the People page in Safari
  • Fixed: A bug that allowed inviting users with emails that are already in use
  • Fixed: A broken link to configure Basecamp 2
  • Fixed: A bug where Workload details were not loading correctly
  • Fixed: A bug where a task was excluded from Outlook Calendar sync if you had a note with a time range
  • Fixed: Issues with the date range in a PDF export
  • Fixed: A bug where the time tracking modal was not displaying properly
  • Fixed: A bug where vertical scrolling was not enabled in the Workloads section of Gantt view
  • Fixed: [Trello] Selecting a project for a manual sync showed a list that included completed projects (instead of just Active and On hold)
  • Fixed: A bug where modifying a subscription returned 400 or 404 error
  • Fixed: A bug where multiple open tabs made it appear that you were still logged in (when you weren’t 😬)

TeamGantt Update

July 25, 2022

New + Improved ✨

  • Improved: Updated the sidebar menu to be more responsive and less sensitive to open on hover (Plus, updated the styling 💅)
  • Improved: Added the option to allow deleting groups from edit group window


Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: A bug where @assigned wasn’t updating in comments
  • Fixed: An issue where comments were sorted by latest at the bottom on mobile app, but sorted by latest on top in the web app
  • Fixed: A bug where Advanced users (Managers) couldn’t add new users to a project (Guest users)
  • Fixed: A bug where opening bookmarked report with a filter for a deleted project crashed the page
  • Fixed: An issue where changing a user to a guest, when they were on a team, returned an error with grammar mistakes
  • Fixed: A bug where projects didn't show in Portfolio view if a user was invited through a team
  • Fixed: A bug where multiple browser tabs weren’t aware if you were punched in with the timer
  • Fixed: A bug where the People page in a Board didn’t show team users

TeamGantt Update

June 21, 2022

New + Improved ✨

  • New: Added a filter that only shows tasks with unread comments, so you can quickly see them in your Board, List, or Calendar view.
  • Improved: Added tooltips to the buttons on our sidebar menu to make them more accessible.
  • Improved: There is now a tooltip that explains the Inbox function on a custom board.
  • Improved: The note section of the task edit window was improved to allow for easier text selection in edit mode.
  • Improved: Users with “Update their progress” permission are now able to modify checklists. 

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: A bug which caused the Upload CSV page to take too long to load
  • Fixed: The incorrect orientation of the dropdown arrow that appears to the left of a team name on the People page for project and boards.
  • Fixed: An issue where changes are not saved properly when editing baseline names.
  • Fixed: An issue where NaN would show instead of $0, when modifying an existing subscription and switching from a premium trial to monthly payments.
  • Fixed: A bug that caused RACI to fail to show a name if nothing is in the first name field
  • Fixed: Improved the process of removing yourself from a project 
  • Fixed: A bug which prevented an invite email from being sent when a new person was added to a company
  • Fixed: A bug in List view, which caused issues with alignment when adding a new task to a subgroup

TeamGantt Update

May 25, 2022

New + Improved ✨

  • New: You can now export the Workloads report to a CSV! 🎉
  • New: New users will now have an option to register for a Kickstart training class without having to leave TeamGantt. 
  • Improved: In a custom board inbox with filter(s) already applied, there’s now an option to Add filters that allows you to add additional filters more easily.

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: A bug that caused labels to be alphabetized incorrectly
  • Fixed: The experience when removing yourself from a project via the People page in that project
  • Fixed: An issue where a full-screen error message was shown when the task limit in a Free plan project was reached, instead of a modal explaining that the limit had been reached. 
  • Fixed: An issue where a task newly assigned and dated from List or Board view was not displayed in the global time tracker until you refreshed the browser
  • Fixed: An issue where project names were being cut off slightly on the My Projects page
  • Fixed: An issue where long user names were being cut off on the RACI page
  • Fixed: An issue where the drop-down arrow for reparenting a task in the edit task overlay was in the wrong place for projects with long names
  • Fixed: [Chrome] An issue in List view where the print preview only displayed task assignments that were currently visible on the page 
  • Fixed: A bug where a task that you have started tracking time on (but are not assigned to) showed as a missing task in My Tasks
  • Fixed: An error where searching many projects caused an indefinite load until the page was refreshed
  • Fixed: An issue where the first-ever project on an account defaulted to Gantt view only, even if another view was selected
  • Fixed: An issue where page shrink in Gantt view caused overlapping text in the menu bar
  • Fixed: A bug where a user’s project-level permission defaulted to View only after changing the user’s account-level permission to Account Holder or Advanced user. Account Holders and Advanced users should default to either Admin or Edit chart permission within a project. 
  • Fixed: A bug in List view when creating new tasks that: created tasks out of order, rendered the new task’ form in the incorrect place, and sometimes cleared typing part way through task creation
  • FIxed: An issue where opening the Time Sheet from the clock icon in Gantt view caused a funky page overlay
  • Fixed: [Slack] A confusing message saying “This is still a work in progress” appeared when you first added TeamGantt to Slack, instead of explaining the next step to authenticate.
  • Fixed: A bug where the chosen start date was not applied when creating a new project
  • Fixed: An issue where you were unable to invite a Guest user to a project if they were already invited to another paid account
  • Fixed: A bug that caused the Time Sheet to disappear when you opened up a task on the Time Sheet page

TeamGantt Update

May 2, 2022

New + Improved ✨

  • New: You can now view the status of TeamGantt at!
  • New: If a user is in multiple companies, Project Settings will now show which company a project is in.
  • New: We added the option to edit baseline names, which will allow you to indicate why the baseline was set. 
  • Improved: When you upgrade your subscription or add additional users, the checkout page will now show the prorated amount you will be charged today, in addition to the new total subscription value. 

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: An issue where removing time from the Time Sheet caused a page crash
  • Fixed: An issue where changing months in Calendar view clears filters
  • Fixed: An issue where filters cleared while closing a project that was opened while on the Project Health report page
  • Fixed: An issue in List view where closing the edit project modal left the page in undefined state

TeamGantt Update

March 21, 2022

New + Improved ✨

  • New: Sign up for the Microsoft Teams integration beta on our Integrations page.
  • Improved: All assigned people and labels will now show on a card, instead of showing "+X more". This makes boards more scannable.

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: In the edit task window, a long task's full name now displays when you hover over the task name field.

TeamGantt Update

February 23, 2022

New + Improved ✨

  • New: The sidebar menu has a global search function. Search across boards, projects, and tasks! 
  • New: You can now invite teams to custom boards.
  • New: You can now request an integration on our nifty Integrations page.
  • Improved: When you search for a task on a board using the Inbox, the search will now show which cards are already on board and it will highlight their location on the board upon hover. 
  • Improved: When editing notes on a task, group, or project, the window will now blur if you click to another browser tab. This will allow you to continue working on your note without missing a beat. 
  • Improved: The warning message for deleting a card from a custom board has been updated to let you know that you’re also deleting it from the source project. #crisisaverted
  • Improved: [Trello Power-Up] The signup/login modal has been updated so it’s easier for an existing TeamGantt user to log into their account.

Fixed 🐛

  • Fixed: A typo on the Portfolio page that occurred when deleting a folder
  • Fixed: The add/remove user behavior in the edit team modal on the Manage Teams page
  • Fixed: An issue when changing a task to a milestone or vise-versa did not reflect in the UI on List view
  • Fixed: An issue where project tabs would not show on Calendar embeds
  • Fixed: An issue in boards where column names would get truncated to just one line
  • Fixed: An issue where users without an uploaded profile picture could have their profile icon distorted based on how long their name is
  • Fixed: A UI issue in List view that would force users to do a full page refresh after duplicating a group
  • Fixed: An issue where you couldn’t add new tasks or update task assignments in the old List view
  • Fixed: An issue where List view became the new default page when RACI was the last page visited 
  • Fixed: An issue where a user couldn’t view a board task file if they were not invited to the original project
  • Fixed: An issue where the Invoices date filter wasn’t functioning as expected
  • Fixed: An issue where a card that already existed in a board would be duplicated in the Inbox search 

Other Updates 💻

  • We no longer support IE 11.
  • We retired the outdated Summary view on a project. Bookmarks to the Summary page will be redirected to the Gantt view.

TeamGantt Update

November 29, 2021

New + Improved

New: Conversations updates 💬

  • In comment windows and a task’s edit window, the text box to enter a new comment has been moved to the top, so you don’t have to scroll to enter a new comment. 
  • Comments are now sorted by newest at the top, so it’s easier to scan for the latest updates. 
  • In notification emails, the button to “View full conversation” has been moved to the top for easier access. 

New: Boards updates 👨‍💻

  • There is now an option to toggle on “Show Task Count” to display the total number of cards in a column in the column header (View > Show Task Count). This applies to both expanded and collapsed columns. 
  • There is now a button to expand and collapse columns in each column’s header, so you don’t have to open the menu for the column to do so. 
  • You can now duplicate a card on a board.
  • When searching for a card in your inbox, you can now easily see if the card is already on your board and also see exactly where to find it. 

New: Nifty UI Improvements 😊

  • There is now a section in the sidebar for “Recently Viewed” projects and boards, so you have your most-used projects at your fingertips at all times. 
  • There is now a Hide Completed checkbox on your My Tasks page, so you can check things off your to-do list in real-time—so satisfying. 
  • When creating a new project, it now defaults to the last company used. Handy, if you’re a user in multiple companies. 
  • In a task’s edit window, you can now clear assigned dates directly from the Start or End field.
  • The Discussions tab has been removed from remembered project views, so the last view is always a view from which you can manage your project. 
  • The descriptions on Portfolio view have been improved, so you can more clearly see task status. 
  • The drop-down for selecting users when tagging them in a comment has been updated so that you can view more options at once. 
  • Task assigned and search filters now show the checked options first, so you don’t have to scroll to find what’s already been selected. 
  • Improved: [Slack integration] Mention notifications now indicate the specific user who mentioned you.
  • Improved: [Trello Power-Up] Improvements to the settings screen now make the options clearer.


  • Fixed: An issue where emojis were not supported in API-generated images (i.e. when used for labels)
  • Fixed: The Add new person form can now detect if the user input is an email address, so you can start adding a user by email address and it’s not incorrectly populated in the name field. 
  • Fixed: An issue where team access did not follow expected user access (for Basic users) 
  • Fixed: An alert message when deleting users has been added.
  • Fixed: A bug where Portfolio drag and drop was not functioning properly
  • Fixed: A bug where arrows next to filter names on the Project Health page failed to open the drop-down
  • Fixed: An bug where Board selects in the edit task overlay sometimes resized too large
  • Fixed: A bug where Portfolio displayed completed projects when in an Active view in a custom folder
  • Fixed: A bug where saved preferences for home page and default task color didn’t function as expected
  • Fixed: A bug where Share > Copy link to chart overlay didn’t always resize properly, depending on display
  • Fixed: An issue that affected account holders– Portfolio did not show projects that were not joined.
  • Fixed: An issue with adding guest users via the Add new person form
  • Fixed: An issue where the number of users/labels shown in a card did not align with the assigned users/labels
  • Fixed: When renaming a board column, the textbox size has been increased to make typing in a long name easier.
  • Fixed: A bug where the edit task overlay didn’t open when clicking on a task in the Discussions tab

TeamGantt Update

October 7, 2021

 New + Improved

  • New: Boards now update in real time! 💥 If there are multiple editors on a board, you no longer need to refresh to see changes. 
  • New: When creating a new project from a template, you can now invite the teams from the template into the new project in the process.
  • New: Check out our new Integrations page to see and connect other apps to TeamGantt. ↪️
  • Improved: [Trello Power-Up] Signing up for the Power-Up no longer auto-creates the first project, giving users the power to create and sync a project of their own.

RACI Chart Feature

September 16, 2021

With our new RACI feature, you can easily indicate the responsibility level for each user on every task, then keep those roles in view while you’re working on your project. 

This helps eliminate confusion and clarify exactly what everyone needs to do. 💯

 Learn more about accessing and using RACI here!

TeamGantt Update

September 7, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: Realtime comments now occur in all paid accounts. No more refreshing to see the latest response to a thread! 
  • Improved: [Trello Power-Up] The integration now supports the ability to enable/disable the date syncing. You can find this by clicking on the Power-Up in your board’s sidebar menu and selecting Edit Power-Up Settings.


  • Fixed: Indentation issues between tasks and subgroups that were indented at the same level. They are now in line. 
  • Fixed: [Firefox] An issue where flyout menus on the gantt chart automatically closed when selecting an option inside of them (ie: Menu > My Preferences > Hourly Scheduling)

TeamGantt Update

August 11, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: You can now sign in with Google, if your TeamGantt login email is a Gmail address. 
  • New: [Trello Power-Up] Task dates now sync between TeamGantt and Trello 🎉 (Note: Dates will begin to sync as they are changed. Existing synced tasks do not automatically get updated to match.)


  • Fixed: A bug that caused some users to have to click twice while signing in with Google. 
  • Fixed: A bug that caused an app crash after inviting a person to a custom board. 
  • Fixed: A bug that created multiple cards in a board if enter/return was hit multiple times during card creation.

Default Project Views

July 29, 2021

You can now set a default view for new projects. 🙌

For instance, if you set the default to Board view, new people invited into the project will be dropped directly into Board view.

Spend time in another view? TeamGantt will now remember which view you were in last, so no more toggling to your favorite!

Slack Integration Update

June 10, 2021

We just launched a TeamGantt home screen for Slack. 💥

With our new home screen, you can:

View the tasks that you need to work on today, and update a task’s percent complete, add a comment to a task, or open a task in TeamGantt. 

Reply to comment mentions without ever leaving Slack.

If you currently use the TeamGantt integration for Slack or would like to give it a try, click this install link to opt in to the new features:

To read more about our Slack integration, visit our support doc

TeamGantt Update

June 2, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: You can now update project board cards with gantt drag-and-drop.


  • Fixed: An issue on custom boards that allowed users to open the task details for a task on a project to which they were not invited. 
  • Fixed: An issue where modified hours in the gantt chart's time tracking overlay do not sum up correctly.

TeamGantt Update

April 28, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: You can now set a billing contact (name & email address) in Account Settings > Company Details > Billing Information and all billing communication will go to that person. This is helpful when you have a finance department that’s separate from the users on your account or the original purchaser is no longer with your company.
  • New: If your organization has a tax exempt status, we’re happy to apply that to your account! But only with a valid form of tax exempt documentation. 
  • Improved: You can now set a range of company holidays in one step (i.e. Dec 24th - January 2nd), instead of creating a new holiday for each day. ✈️


  • Fixed: An issue where the expected percent complete line behind a task bar (in My Tasks/ List view/ Timesheet) is in the wrong place.


April 28, 2021

Group users—by department, client company, office location, and more—with our Teams feature. 

Teams allows you to:

  • Manage project access for multiple users at once 
  • View all your teams’ tasks across projects
  • Easily onboard and offboard users by adding/removing them to/from multiple projects at once
  • Easily transition people to a different team if there are changes at your company

Learn more about Teams here.

TeamGantt Update

April 14, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: Now you can easily move all tasks from one column to another on a board by selecting the 3-dot menu > Move All Cards. Then, simply pick a new column.
  • Improved: Task progress changes are now logged in Board view. Changes made in a board will show in the task's history everywhere in TeamGantt.


  • Fixed: An issue where cards are not removed from custom boards when the project is archived.
  • Fixed: An issue where the delete confirmation message in List view sometimes displayed under the context menu.
  • Fixed: An issue where tasks that are dragged from a board inbox to a column that has a default % complete value were not updated to the respective progress percentage.

TeamGantt Update

March 2, 2021

New + Improved

  • Improved: CSV files that are exported from TeamGantt will now auto-column match when re-imported into TeamGantt. 😎
  • New: Workloads now requires a Premium trial or paid subscription to view. This includes both the Workloads report and the View Availability pane within a project. 


  • Fixed: An issue where the holiday date picker is frozen when trying to advance months. Gotta make sure those holidays are accounted for 🏖️
  • Fixed: An issue where tasks that start and end today are counted as overdue in Portfolio view
  • Fixed: An issue where company and project labels are allowed to have an empty string as a name
  • Fixed: Baselines has been fixed to require a minimum of a Premium trial to access.
  • Fixed: An issue in mobile where hourly adjustment confirmation text is unable to fit in the allowed space
  • Fixed: An issue where loading a board with the “unassigned” filter selected causes the page to crash

TeamGantt Update

February 8, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: The TeamGantt integration for Zapier is now in beta! Check it out here
  • New: Both mobile apps (iOS and Android) now support reordering tasks and checklist items with drag and drop. Mobile users will need to open and close the app a couple times to access this feature right away.
  • New: Resources are now called Labels in TeamGantt. We made the change to align the feature's name with how our users actually use it. 💪


  • Fixed: When upgrading an active subscription, you can choose to use an existing payment method instead of having to re-enter card details. 

Portfolio View

January 25, 2021

Portfolio view has launched for accounts on our Advanced plan! 

Portfolio view makes it easy to keep tabs on all the projects you manage from a single, centralized hub. Organize projects into folders—by team, department, client, project owner, quarter, and more—and regularly check project health to identify potential delays or roadblocks early.

Learn more about Portfolio view here.

TeamGantt Update

January 11, 2021

New + Improved

  • New: Our Dropbox integration is live! 💥 Users will now be able to upload documents from Dropbox, in addition to files from their hard disk. This integration is only available with paid plans and premium trials. Learn more
  • New: Sales tax collection is now in effect. 💸This only applies to new purchases and upgrades in the following US states: AZ, CT, MS, NM, NY, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, WA, & WV. If sales tax applies to your account, the checkout page will now include a line item for the tax amount to be collected.


  • Fixed: An issue where clicking a scrollbar to scroll an overlay or dropdown closes it.

TeamGantt Update

December 7, 2020

New + Improved

  • Improved: Workloads has been tuned a little for better performance—roughly a 10-15% boost. 🚀


  • Fixed: An issue where today's date is always used as the date for an uploaded document when viewing it through the discussion thread.
  • Fixed: Tasks in completed projects are no longer hidden from the project's Calendar view.
  • Fixed: An issue where some users on IE11 and old versions of Edge were getting white screens.
  • Fixed: An issue where shareable view settings can get lost when switching from Gantt view to Calendar view, and back.
  • Fixed: Baselines are now (properly) sorted by their created date for a consistent experience.

TeamGantt Update

November 9, 2020

New + Improved

  • New: A new checkout page design has been implemented, and it looks snazzy! But it should also help bring more clarity to pricing and discounts, compared to its predecessor.
  • New: Advanced filtering and searching is now available in all Calendar views. The Calendar view located in My Tasks and project Calendar view have been updated to use the same filter menu as Board view and List view. The filter options include people, dates, and colors.

  • New: [Mobile] Users will now be notified when their device is offline.
  • New: View and control the position of all cards that are connected to a task directly from the task’s edit window. (Note: This is only available to current boards beta users).


  • Fixed: An issue where users with Update Their Progress permission are unable to update progress on their tasks.
  • Fixed: [Trello Power-Up] An issue where choosing a project to auto-sync to in the initial signup does not work.  
  • Fixed: An issue in Safari where search options are hidden while searching for resources to add via the People page.
  • Fixed: [Mobile] An issue where scrolling the Calendar view can cause dates to jump.

TeamGantt Update

October 12, 2020

New + Improved

  • New: [Mobile] Users with Update Their Progress and View Only permission can now remove their uploaded documents when using the mobile app.
  • New: Users can now filter by project in custom Boards and List view (if multiple projects are open).


  • Fixed: Any project user can now delete a file they uploaded. Previously, only users with Admin or Edit Chart permission could do so.

Boards beta release

October 1, 2020

Add another dimension to your projects with TeamGantt’s native kanban board feature! 

Plan and track your project’s big picture with a linear timeline in Gantt view, and then prioritize and organize tasks for smoother workflows in Board view. 

Create a Project board (a board within a project) or a Custom board (a board that pulls in tasks from multiple projects). 

Learn more about boards here.

TeamGantt Update

July 1, 2020

Here are the latest TeamGantt updates:

  • New: Price localization (pricing page). We now support viewing subscription prices in Euros and British Pounds. (Note: All subscriptions are still charged in USD and are subject to exchange rate variations). 
  • New: We now support pasting files into comments instead of having to attach them. It’s the little things. 
  • New: Plans with no user limits. Users can now purchase as few users as they’d like. Previously there was a 5-user minimum. Now it’s a 1-user minimum. Small teams rejoice.
  • New: Creating project baselines via the TeamGantt API. Our RESTful API now includes the option to sync baseline data between TeamGantt and your app. (Learn more about the API here.)

TeamGantt Update

August 1, 2019

Here are the latest TeamGantt updates:

  • New: Real-time comments. See other people’s comments appear in the thread in real-time—no need to refresh! 
  • New: [Trello] Reset Board option. This gives users the ability to remove all attachments from their cards to TeamGantt, which is helpful when you sync to the wrong project or decide to switch to manual syncing.
  • New: Guest user permission level. Add Guests to your account in Account Settings > Manage People or directly to a project via the project’s People page.

Mobile version 1.7 iOS and Android

July 8, 2019

With the latest mobile app update, you can: 

  • Find Discussions you’ve been tagged in faster using the new Mentions filter.
  • Keep better tabs on unread Discussions with a handy green count indicator in your menu.
  • Convert tasks and milestones to a subgroup for a perfectly organized project plan.
  • Make task notes and comments a breeze to read with Markdown formatting.
  • Choose "Hide Completed" to tuck away completed groups and get a leaner, cleaner view of work that still needs to be done.

Templates preview modal on 'New Project' page

July 3, 2019

Get started on projects faster with templates! Our new templates preview modal includes the following options: 

  • General templates—Blank project, Basic project, and Get Started with TeamGantt
  • Custom templates that your team has created
  • A library of pre-built templates by industry

Click on any template option to preview it, and select Use Template if you like what you see—easy as that! 

Learn more about the pre-built template options here

New List view

June 19, 2019

List view has a brand new design! It now supports: 

  • Advanced filtering
  • Easy task reordering and new task creation
  • Sharing the view directly

Learn more about List view here.

New sidebar menu

June 12, 2019

TeamGantt’s sidebar and gantt chart both have a fresh new look! ✨ These changes were designed with 3 main goals in mind:

  • Reduce clutter and improve scannability so it’s easier to find what you need
  • Put important projects, features, and tools at your fingertips faster
  • Make room for future features—like folders and boards—in the sidebar

The latest features include:

  • Quick links for key sections—Me, Discussions, and Reports
  • Collapse and expand on hover
  • Favorites (starred projects)
  • Search bar

Learn more about navigating the sidebar menu here.