TeamGantt Kickstart Training

Build confidence and ease onboarding, fast.

New to TeamGantt? This 15-minute intro class is the perfect place to start! Plan, schedule, and manage projects quickly and easily in TeamGantt with step-by-step guidance on all the basics. Plus, get answers to your lingering questions during Q&A. 

Feel free to invite your team so everyone’s on board and up to speed!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create new projects and tasks
  • Invite users to your account
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Collaborate on projects

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Aaron Rogstad
Director of Customer Success

As Director of Customer Success, Aaron Rogstad brings nearly a decade of customer relationship experience to the table. Ask him why he loves his job, and his answer is simple: It’s all about the people we serve.

Amber Wilbanks
Product Specialist

Amber joined the Customer Success team in 2019. She brings over 10 years of customer service experience to the job and is excited to help our customers reach their project goals.

Ren Pennell
Product Specialist

Ren Pennell is a Product Specialist and joined TeamGantt in 2017. She starts each day with a smile knowing she gets to help customers out by finding quick solutions that make their jobs easier and more efficient.