The Best Web-Based Alternative to MS Project

Modern Project Management software is collaborative and accessable on the web from any device. It's easy for anyone to use, yet powerful. TeamGantt's intuitive online project management software is the perfect MS project alternative.

What is the best web-based replacement for Microsoft (MS) Project?

Many project managers are looking for a free or paid replacement to Microsoft (MS) project. Fed up with its inefficiencies, these PMs are investigating a light, intuitive, and easy-to-use replacement. There is no shortage of MS Project alternatives. The question is, what is the best MS project replacement? Sure, we’re biased, but we have an answer to that question.

How does TeamGantt compare as an
MS Project alternative?

MS Project
Beautiful gantt charts
Web-based collaboration
Simple & intuitive interface
Compatible with Mac
Quick setup time
Access from any device
Seamless import and export
Time tracking built in
Mind-blowing customer support
Embed your charts in HTML
Your team can update their progress
Daily email reminders
Simple task list views
Conversations on tasks
Share files related to tasks
Early detection of hours going over budget

TeamGantt’s interface is extremely intuitive

This project management software is seriously easy to use, with a minimal learning curve. No feature bloat here. TeamGantt is intuitive, making it an easy decision for your alternative to MS Project. Drag-and-drop ease, visual simplicity, and natural flow make your experience effortless.

Easily get the 20,000-foot view

Project managers need to get the big picture of the projects under their management. TeamGantt allows you to open multiple projects and get the full picture. There’s no need to switch between projects or open/close existing projects.

Simplicity is king

If you’re looking for a simple Microsoft Project replacement, we’ve got you covered. We stripped away the extraneous and front-loaded the essential. Most people never use a fraction of bloated project management software. By focusing on the 90% of most used features, we can deliver a powerfully simple solution. An example of this is our drag and drop dependecies.

See everything

As a project manager, your worst enemy is being blindsided. “Unexpected” is a dirty word. You want to see everything in a single view. With TeamGantt, you can see your schedules, resources, and estimates vs. actuals in one view. Try doing that in MS Project—it's difficult when all the data is scattered across many screens.

Save time like a boss

As time goes on, your projects begin to look, feel, and act the same. The structure, flow, dependencies, and timelines share characteristics. While MS Project allows you to create templates, those templates are static snapshots. In TeamGantt, any project can be a template. As that seed project evolves, the template evolves with it. No more using outdated templates! template in TeamGantt.

Stay on track better

Deadlines are moving targets, right? We get it. Unfortunately, not every PM software gets it like we do. If you need to move a timeline, change a target, or see how far you’ve strayed from Plan A, we’ve got you covered. The multiple baseline feature allows you to toggle between plans and get things back on track. Also, with time tracking built in, you can view actual vs. estimated time spent on all of your tasks.

Look good without even trying

Those who have been crying for a MS Project alternative wail the loudest over tweaking their chart to print and present the right way. TeamGantt turns this chore into a song. You can simply embed your gantt chart into a webpage, download with a couple of clicks, or print a PDF that's beautiful. Presentation matters. Looks are a thing. With TeamGantt, you’ll look good without even trying.

Use it on your Mac

Looking for a MS Project alternative for Mac? Look no further. Rather than wait for Microsoft Project to add support for Mac OSX, you can get started right away building gantt charts on your Mac with TeamGantt!

Collaborate and communicate with your team

No work happens in a vacuum. It can be frustrating to try and collaborate on work when you have your tasks, files, and communications all in different tools. TeamGantt makes team collaboration super-simple by pulling all these features into one tool. Learn more about our team collaboration software features.

Many, many more great features

Print PDFs

Print beautiful PDFs of your gantt charts to include in a client proposal or perhaps for a meeting with the boss.

Access on the go

If you're away from your desktop, you can visit the mobile site and do important things, such as update your progress on a task or add a comment.


You can get as detailed as you like with your projects. Feel free to create subgroups and nest tasks for a clean and organized project view.