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Avoid resource overload and employee burnout, and know when your team is capable of taking on new work.

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Save time & stress on resource scheduling
See resource availability across all your active projects

Open multiple projects in a single gantt chart, and filter by project resource to see who and what’s available to take on a new task. This makes it easy to rearrange workloads and avoid overbooking any one person or asset. It also allows you to spot any gaps so no one’s sitting idle.

Manage physical assets just as easily as people

Schedule work—or book equipment and facilities—with the ease of drag and drop. Assign as many people and resources to a task as you need, and split time between resources as needed to get the job done. Track progress and availability in real time to make resource management a breeze.

Optimize resources directly from your plan

See the big picture of your team’s workload and load-balance work as it comes in. Quickly see who has capacity to take on more work—and who’s at risk of falling behind—and reallocate tasks in an instant. Compare estimated vs actual hours to get ahead of delays and keep projects on schedule.

And so much more!
  • One-click project health and workload reports
  • Native time tracking & hourly estimation
  • Visual timeline for easy resource planning
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Spot and resolve resource conflicts easily from your gantt chart

Build realistic timelines with fewer delays and happier customers

No more endless email threads
Organize all your tasks, files, and chats in one place

Safely store all your important information together in your resource plan

Upload documents and add comments directly to a project or task

Automatically notify team members when work is assigned or rescheduled

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