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A preview of the Excel gantt chart template.
Make a free project timeline

Create your own project timeline with TeamGantt’s online timeline maker. Keep projects on track and teams in sync with collaborative timelines that are easy to use and totally free.

The importance of timelines in project management

Timelines help you set a healthy pace for projects so you can hit deadlines without stressing over them.

In project management, gantt chart timelines make it easy to visualize the big picture and track progress so nothing falls through the cracks. Keep your team and leaders up-to-date on project status, and ensure everyone understands how they contribute to project success with an online timeline you can create in minutes.

How to make a simple timeline with TeamGantt

Building a beautiful timeline you can share with others doesn’t have to distract from your most important work. Here’s how to make a timeline for your projects in no time with TeamGantt’s simple timeline creator.

1. Create a free TeamGantt account

The first step in building your online timeline is to sign up for a free TeamGantt account.

TeamGantt offers simple yet powerful features that make building and managing project timelines a breeze. Create an online timeline quickly with drag and drop scheduling, and get your whole team on board with easy collaboration, flexible project views, and a dedicated mobile app.

2. Create a new project or start with a template

Once you’ve got a TeamGantt account, you’re ready to use our timeline creator to map out your plan. You can make a timeline from scratch by creating a new project in TeamGantt or get a headstart with one of our free project timeline templates.

3. Add tasks, milestones, and groups

Next, you’ll want to build out your timeline by adding tasks and milestones to the gantt chart. You can do this quickly by using drag and drop functionality to schedule work and adjust task timing, duration, and even order on the timeline.

TeamGantt’s timeline maker also lets you organize tasks into groups and subgroups so your project timeline is clean and easy to read.

4. Share your timeline

With your timeline in place, you can share your plan with your team and stakeholders and assign tasks so everyone can collaborate on the work.

TeamGantt puts you in control of permissions on both the account and project levels. Let team members update % complete and collaborate on tasks, and give stakeholders view-only access to your timeline so they can check in on progress and approve key deliverables. It’s up to you!

Make a timeline in TeamGantt for free
Easy drag-and-drop features. Switch between gantt, calendar, and list views. And templates too! Build a beautiful project plan in just 5 minutes.
Create your free timeline
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Timeline creator features

TeamGantt’s free timeline creator gives you all the features you need to plan projects well and ensure they finish right on time. Here are just a few features you’ll have access to with our online timeline maker.

Choose from dozens of timeline templates

Want to save time and energy building your timeline? Try one of our free project timeline templates. A variety of ready-made plans across different industries are built right into our timeline creator—and they’re super-easy to customize for your project!

Visualize and customize timelines with drag and drop simplicity

TeamGantt makes timeline setup fast and intuitive. Create your own timeline in minutes with drag and drop scheduling. Then customize it by assigning task colors, dates, and team members and adding important milestones and dependencies to the chart. It’s the simplest way to visualize your project management process and track your plan to the finish line.

Here’s a quick look at how to create and customize a simple timeline using our timeline builder.

Easy collaboration for teams of all sizes

Turn your timeline into a living document your whole team can collaborate on. With TeamGantt’s timeline maker, everything’s online so communication happens in real time.

Team members can chat about tasks, upload documents, and update progress as they make it.

And stakeholders can access the timeline anytime to check up on status without having to email you about it.

While there’s a limit to the number of users you can have on a free account, TeamGantt offers paid plans with the flexibility to add as many users as you need for your projects.

Create your timeline with TeamGantt

Ready to create a simple and intuitive timeline of your own? Sign up for TeamGantt’s free timeline maker to get started!