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Team Collaboration Software Features

TeamGantt is much more than just gantt charts and project planning. Whether you are working on a big project, or just daily tasks, nothing happens in a vacuum. You need a tool that allows you to keep up to date on the work of your team, and your own tasks, while also allowing you to communicate and share files around specific tasks and projects. Team collaboration features in TeamGantt let you share files and communicate with your team on specific projects and tasks. You can now collaborate and get more done without having to use multiple tools.

  • Comment on tasks and projects

    Chat directly with your team on project or task by going directly to a project or task and clicking the chat bubble. Conversations happen right at the point of action, so you’re never left wondering about context. You can also tag people to get notified by e-mail when you leave a new comment.

  • Team conversation view

    Sometimes, you just want to see all conversations that are happening on your projects and tasks in a concise chat room view. The conversations view allows you easily see all comments on projects and tasks, making it easy to see what your team is talking about and what tasks need your input.

  • Sticky notes for important reminders

    Got something you want to make sure no one misses on a task? Use sticky notes for important comments you do not want to get lost. You can use sticky notes on projects and tasks

  • Share files at the task level

    Attach a file to a project or a task making it very easy to share the right files associated with your tasks. You can even upload multiple versions of the same file, and TeamGantt will track file history for you.

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