Best of
both worlds

Get the big-picture benefits of the gantt chart while helping your team focus on their daily work in an Agile board.

One project management tool for the entire team

Project managers love gantt charts—and teams love Agile tools that let them hone in on only the most important tasks. With TeamGantt, you can schedule a task in a gantt chart and have it automatically sync to your project board. That way team members can easily work through their top priorities each day.

True project management software with planning at its core

Too many project management tools only let you view projects as a board or simple task list. TeamGantt is different. It’s real project management software that doesn’t leave the plan behind. Agile boards are synced to the full power of TeamGantt’s industry-leading gantt chart. Yes, we’re talking dependencies, workloads, time tracking, project health reports, and more!

health reports

Choose from 2 great sync options

Sync a single
project to a board

This is the easiest way to get started. Simply add a board inside of a project, and all the tasks from the gantt chart will show up in your board. Watch how it works.

custom boards

Building your own custom board enables you to bring tasks in from multiple projects—a powerful option you’ll only find in TeamGantt. One way you might use this is to pull all the tasks for a particular team into a single board so you can track their work across projects more easily. Watch how it works.

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