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The Best Gantt Chart Templates for Excel, Google Sheets, and PowerPoint

Tim Macchi
September 20, 2016

Looking for an easy way to create a gantt chart on the fly, with the tools you're already using? We've rounded up the best gantt chart templates for Excel, Google Sheets, and PowerPoint. None of these tools are actually made for creating gantt charts, so the creators had to do some fancy things to get them to look right. If you're really short on time and need to create a project plan now, nothing is faster than using TeamGantt's free gantt chart software.

Best Excel Gantt Chart Template

We were a bit disappointed by all the templates we found for Excel, so we went ahead and built our own free Excel gantt chart template.

"This is not a real project management application, because it’s not capable of recalculating resource usage and shifting schedules. If you need to monitor a real project with shifting deadlines, you probably want to look at real project management software for your industry. This spreadsheet is good for simple scheduling and visualization."

Best Google Sheets Gantt Chart Template

Google Spreadsheet Gantt Chart Template

Google Sheets Gantt Chart Template from Hello Techo[/caption]

Hello Techo provides a pretty thorough walk through on how to create a very basic gantt chart in Google Sheets. They also provide the quick start template.  The template does come with a disclaimer:

Disclaimer: This is not a powerful management tool nor a replacement to timeline project software. This simply displays a spreadsheet chart in a Gantt-like style. Prerequisites: Google account with access to Google Drive (AKA Google Docs) and a working knowledge of spreadsheets.

Best PowerPoint Gantt Chart Template



This free PowerPoint gantt chart template includes 4 slides with editable graphics and a quick tutorial. It's a great option if all you are looking to do is present a project plan.

Best Collaborative Gantt Chart Template



Okay, we are a bit biased here. The three previous gantt chart templates are relatively more time-consuming and are manually updated.

On the flip side, TeamGantt is a full-blown project management tool that takes just three minutes of your time to set up. You can create a gantt chart template in a fraction of the time, and invite everyone in your project to participate and track their tasks.

Overall, TeamGantt is uncomplicated and so easy to use, you can jump right in and start creating your first free gantt chart and a have plan ready to share with your team in minutes.

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