The Art & Science of Leading Projects

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A free video course that teaches you how to lead projects and manage teams with ease.

Master the art of leading people and the science of setting budgets and timelines so you can maximize profits and level up your career.

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Becoming a better project leader shouldn’t interrupt your busy schedule.

 This on-demand video course allows you to learn at your own pace. The resources included make it easy to apply the skills you learn to your job.  

If you lead or manage projects in any industry, this class is for you!

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About the class

Instructor: Brett Harned

Brett is an author, speaker, and TeamGantt’s Director of Education. He's led digital projects for almost 20 years for companies such as MTV and Zappos, founded the Digital Project Management Summit, and is the author of Project Management for Humans.

Who should

This course is for anyone who leads projects of any size. Whether you run your own business or work on an in-house or agency team, you’ll learn how to finish projects on time and make your team feel like heroes.

The Lessons

An introduction to project leadership

See how project management is used across industries and what it takes to be a great project leader.

Crafting your project management process

Get an overview of the most popular project management methodologies so you can determine what’s best for your project.

Estimating projects with ease

Master the basics of project estimation so you can create on-target estimates and scopes for your team.

Documenting project requirements

Learn how to capture and manage project requirements to keep estimates, timelines, and scope in check.

Creating accurate project plans

Find out why creating a project plan is important and how to get it right in less time.

Setting and managing expectations

Discover effective practices you can use to set clear expectations that’ll keep your project from flying off the rails.

Tactics for taming project scope creep

See how to monitor—and control—scope creep so you can keep projects on track.

Winning trust with communication

Learn simple keys to becoming a better communicator and how to identify your team’s different communication styles.

Keeping stakeholders happy and engaged

Unlock the secrets to understanding and engaging clients and stakeholders so you can build happy relationships.

Managing project teams

Learn how to keep your team informed, meet deadlines, make tough decisions, and more.

Creating effective staffing plans

Discover the benefits of a staffing plan and how to keep your team busy but not overworked.

How to get the most out of meetings

Find out how to determine if a meeting is needed, plus how to structure and manage refreshingly productive meetings.

Mastering time management

Discover work-smart strategies that help you make time for both personal tasks and managing projects.

You’re the project manager now

View a recap of the course’s main themes. 

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