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Current Openings

Full Stack (Largely Frontend) Developer


  • Fully remote position
  • Amazing work/life balance - 40 hour work weeks. We all have families and know it's important to have time outside of work.
  • Fast growing startup with a small team (Thousands of customers in over 120 countries with just 10 employees). Super rare!
  • Profitable company since 2010 with no outside funding. This means we answer to customers, not investors :). It also means that we are financially strong and not waiting for another round of investment.
  • A chance to play a big design role in a popular product.
  • Build something that thousands of companies will use. It’s possible that some of your favorite companies are already customers.
  • More work around the world will get done in a better way because of your efforts.


TeamGantt is one of the fastest growing project management applications right now. We are taking a step back to rewrite our handwritten monolith to a web client/api architecture with react. We’re excited to restructure the foundation of our application so we can much more quickly grow the product to accommodate our growing customer base.

We are a small team doing big things. We are currently just a team of ten people, but making a big dent in the project management space. If you enjoy avoiding office politics, corporate ladders, and long meetings, then this is the place for you. TeamGantt is a place for people to focus on their craft and to enjoy their work. You can work from home or a nearby coffee shop. Any quiet work environment that allows you to focus for extended periods of time is good with us.


  • Play a large role in frontend application rewrite (Webpack, React, Redux, SCSS, Mocha)
  • Tweak and contribute to the PHP (Laravel) api
  • Regularly review others’ code
  • Adapt to new technologies and environments for other projects as occasion may require (gulp/wordpress marketing site, React Native mobile app, node slack bot, node deploy bot, Swift OS X Timer, etc.)


  • 3-5 Years of development experience
  • Experience working with frontend applications (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Experience working with MVC server-side frameworks
  • Experience working with APIs
  • Experience working with source control
  • Experience with Webpack, React, Redux, ES6, Mocha, PHP, Laravel, GIT/GitHub a plus
  • Experience working closely with teams and with collaborative learning (cowboy coders and hero programmers probably wouldn’t love it here)
  • Growth mindset and experience running experiments to improve metrics on engagement, retention, activation, and specific aspects of an application.
  • Self motivated
  • Fast learner and ready to get contributing on day one
  • You have some projects that we can check out and play with
  • You care about the details, such as transitions, subtle animations and making the app feel snappy.


  • Fully Remote - Work from anywhere
  • $5,000 office setup budget for computer, proper chair, desk, etc..
  • Competitive Pay
  • 401k
  • Bonus
  • Be a part of a small team that makes some big accomplishments
  • Fun, friendly company
  • One or two company wide get togethers per year. This year included mini-golf and a fishing charter on the Chesapeake Bay. This year was a trip to the Poconos with skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, laser tag, zip lines, and fun things for families and children that came along.


Please shoot us an email with:

  • A few reasons why you think you would be a good fit
  • Your resume/LinkedIn Profile
  • Links to previous projects. This can be mobile, web, application, or any fun side projects that you have completed.
  • Looking forward to hearing from you!

We ♥ PM

Because we love project management and project managers, we work everyday to make their lives better through building a great product and serving them through a great customer experience that wows them each time.

Have another way that you want to contribute to TeamGantt?

Feel free to send in a resume and little summary of how you would like to be a part of the team (dev, design, marketing, etc..).

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