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Three New Features for your Gantt Charts!

John Correlli
October 1, 2011

Hide Completed Tasks:

This has been a higly requested feature of late, and here it is! Now you can hide all your completed tasks with a simple click of the mouse, showing you only the tasks that need to be done in your Gantt chart.

Hide Completed

Show Task & Group Name in the Gantt Chart:

Show Task and Group Names in Chart

Another much requested feature has been to be able to view the name of the task (or group) right inside of the gantt chart, without having look over at the task list and hope that you're looking at the correct task. With a simple checkbox, you can easily enable this feature and you charts will look like this:

Show Task and Group Names in Chart

Multi-Project Select:

Multi-Project Select

We've supported multi-project view for some time now. However, we've finally got around to making it more simple than ever! Now you can simply check off the projects you'd like to view right from your project's list page. Once you've made your selection, simply click on Open Multiple Projects and there ya go! We've also kept the same simplicity of selecting just one project. If you want to view only one project, all you need to do is click right on the project's name and it behaves just like it always has!Bug Fixes:

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