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FEATURE: The New and Improved Project Navigation

Stephanie Gonzaga
May 24, 2016
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Notice anything different with your project schedule? If you do, that's the new and improved project navigation bar we've just rolled out to make finding files, adding comments, and managing project members easier and quicker for everyone on your team. Cool, huh?

Clarity and organization are key themes to this update, which is in line with our mission to help you and your team save time when managing your projects.

Here's a quick walkthrough of the new navigation:

1. Summary

project summary

The Summary gives you a quick overview of your project and any progress made to it. Underneath the project name are the total number of tasks, the number of in-progress and overdue tasks, and a link that takes you to your assigned tasks. A blue Open Full Schedule button takes you to the actual timeline.

Scroll down to find your most recent progress updates, the people you've invited to the project, recent discussions, and all files uploaded to the project.

2. Tasks

tasks gantt view

The project schedule is one of our most crucial features, and so we made sure to keep its classic design while adding just a few tweaks for better organization.

You'll find that the Gantt and List views have been consolidated, and you only need to click the view of your choice to display your project as either a Gantt chart or a task list.

On the Tasks tab, it automatically shows you the number of project tasks created. The task count considers projects that have been opened simultaneously.

3. Discussions

comments discussions tab

You'll find all of your comments and sticky notes under the Discussions tab. The tab itself will display the member icons of those who posted the three most recent comments to the project.

4. Files

All files uploaded to your project tasks are accessible under the Files tab. The tab automatically displays the total number of files uploaded. It's a good motivator when you need to check your file count and see if there are files you can remove or save for later.

5. History

The History tab is where you see your most recent activities and revert changes made to your project. If you need to undo a specific action made to the project, simply click on the undo change link beside each activity.

Tip: Use the filters on the left side of the screen to sort through the activity based on activity type, whether that's % complete updates, estimated hours, new tasks, or comments posted.

6. People

people tab

The People tab is the final piece to our project navigation, and it's where you add or manage people or resources for the project. As with all the other tabs, the design and layout of this section remains consistent.

Bonus: Sidebar colors for task and conversation counts

You'll also notice that the sidebar features both light blue and green colors for tasks due today and the number of conversations that have transpired since. This makes it easier to see how many comments have been posted and how many tasks are due today.

We hope you like the new project navigation bar! Let us know what you think of the new feature in the comments.