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Resource allocation sounds complex. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. With a defined scope of work and understanding of available resources, you have all the ingredients you need to start allocating resources effectively. What is resource allocation, and how does it work? Resource allocation is assigning your resources—time, people and tools—across […]

On TeamGantt Laura LaPrad

When you’re in charge of multiple projects, it’s nice to know everything’s on track without having to dig through a bunch of reports. That’s why we think you’ll love TeamGantt’s new Project Health report. The Project Health report saves you time and effort by providing an easy snapshot of every active project you oversee. With […]

Ever had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize your project’s hit a snag? We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s running behind because you underestimated the timeline. Or perhaps the client dropped a big new feature in your lap, expecting it to get shipped as part of the original project […]

Team Productivity Laura LaPrad

Last week, 19 TeamGantt-ers descended upon Baltimore with one goal in mind: to get in some much-needed face time with our fellow coworkers. We freed Pharaoh from his tomb. We outsmarted a serial killer. We secured a spot in a troupe of magicians—despite a ghost’s attempt to foil our audition. We even saved the world […]