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Team Productivity Tim Macchi

Being productive in today’s world can be a challenge. If you work on a computer, you have so many potential distractions. Many don’t even feel like distractions, but they have a cumulative cognitive drag on us. Don’t believe me? Try reading this entire post without checking email or being distracted. Most productivity vampires all share […]

Team Productivity Tim Macchi

Having good habits around email is the cornerstone of any good productivity system. Email is still the primary way we communicate even though the rise of tools like Slack try to replace it. E-mail is still the favored form of communication by many masters of productivity because it does not carry with it the expectation […]

Team Productivity Stef Gonzaga

We at TeamGantt are proudly 100% remote. We’re a diverse team of coders, designers, and customer champions hailing from different parts of the world, working from wherever computers and cups of coffee are accessible. This set-up fits us as a company because we’re able to keep distractions at bay while maintaining focus and efficiency when […]

Team Productivity Nathan

Tim, our head of growth and marketing, recently introduced me to a great new podcast called Seeking Wisdom from experienced entrepreneur and investor, David Cancel. David is a highly successful marketer and entrepreneur, so I’m always interested to hear his perspective on things. Episode 12 of the podcast talks about how work/life balance is a […]


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