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Team Productivity Stef Gonzaga

Meetings are essential to remote teams that don’t communicate face-to-face, but without proper guidelines and tools to organize these meetings they can turn into huge time sucks. For us at TeamGantt, time is scarce and valuable. It’s why we schedule a company meeting once a month to catch up and discuss progress updates. It’s a […]

Project Management Nathan

Do you find yourself wishing you could see your project as it progresses overtime? Is it difficult to predict how much time and effort it will take to complete your project tasks? If your traditional vertical to-do list doesn’t give you the insight you need to manage your project, a Gantt chart may be what you […]

Team Productivity Tim Macchi

Last month, I had an unexpected breakthrough in my productivity. Our developers were finishing up our time tracking app (launching soon!), and asked the team to bug test it. I started tracking the time on all my tasks and I had a few amazing realizations. Here is what I learned from tracking my own time […]

TeamGantt Tips Stef Gonzaga

Simplicity. Clean design. Ease of use. These are just some of the feedback we get when we ask people what they love about TeamGantt. We pride ourselves in our focus on what our customers truly need in a Gantt chart, but underneath the hood are several neat TeamGantt features that enable you to save more […]


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