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Time Tracking & Project Management Software

Finally, simple and easy time tracking software that works with your projects to show you where you stand with resources, hours, and project deadlines in real time.

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Have the answers sooner with project time tracking software

Your team can see what they need to work on for the day, update their progress, collaborate, and track time—all from one super-simple screen! Elegant gantt charts, project chat, task management, and resource management are all included. No more toggling between project management and project planning apps to see the big picture!

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Time tracking benefits

  • Everything in one place 
    No more toggling between project tracking apps.
  • Early scope creep detection 
    Compare estimated project hours vs. actual in real time.
  • Eliminate reporting hassle 
    No need to manually calculate project hours any longer.
  • Save money 
    Start your first project for free.

Compare estimated project hours to actual in real time

Track in real time if your project’s hours are pacing towards or going over your plan. See at a glance if you need to add more resources or budget for a certain project. No other tool gives you this visualization!

Time Tracking for Gantt Chart

Simple time tracking reporting

See how many hours each person on your team worked on a task or project on any given day or week. You can filter your time tracking reports by project or person. Then, easily export to CSV to do some fancy pivot chart magic.

Time Tracking Report

How to Manage Projects and Track Time with TeamGantt

You can track time on projects in several easy ways with TeamGantt. This make it quick and simple to spot budget and project roadblocks.

My Tasks view timer

From the My Tasks screen, your team can see their tasks for the day and start the timer or enter a time manually.

TeamGantt Task View Timer

Gantt view timer

From the gantt view, you can start the timer or enter time on any task by clicking the clock icon.

TeamGantt Gantt View Timer

Global timer

Access the project time tracker from anywhere within the app by clicking on the global timer button in the navigation bar.

TeamGantt Global Timer

Weekly timesheets

Not everyone wants to use a timer. And sometimes you just forget. With our simple time tracking software, you can easily add your weekly hours straight into the timesheet.

Weekly Timesheet for Project Management