Simple Resource Management and Planning Software

With a glance, know who is overloaded and who can take on more work.
Gantt Chart with Resource Management View

Managing Project Resources with TeamGantt

Prevent work overload, avoid scope creep and always know when your team is capable of taking on new work or new clients. One thing that many modern project management tools lack, is the ability to see the big picture of your team’s workload and load-balance the work as it comes in. Here are just a few features of TeamGantt’s resource management software:

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Easily add a person or a resource to a task

Adding people and resources to your projects and tasks is super easy. You can assign as many people and resources to a task as you need to get the job done. You can even split hours on a task between people and resources. Want one person working for 2 hours on a task and a resource, like a design team, working for 6 hours on that task?  No problem.

Assigning Resources in TeamGantt

Filter by project resource

Filter your gantt chart project by people or resources to get a quick overview of the workload of everyone on your team. This makes it easy to rearrange workloads to make sure no one is overloaded while others sit still. It also allows you to see if there are any gaps, allowing you to predict project risks ahead of time.

Filtering Resources in TeamGantt

View team workloads by task or hours

If you use hourly estimations in your tasks, you can view your teams workload by hours. If you don’t want to get that detailed you can simply view workload by the number of tasks. And with our new time tracking features, you can easily compare actual hours vs. estimated hours to make sure your projects stay on time and on budget.

Resource Allocation View

Plan resources for upcoming projects

With a single click, project managers can easily view and schedule people and resources within your gantt chart.