We created the ultimate project management software for marketing teams.

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TeamGantt is the best project management software for marketing teams, hands down.

With our PM software, you gain ultimate power, complete control, and an overwhelming sense of relief. It’s project management simplified and customized for marketing departments.

Marketing departments, welcome to a new chaos-free zone.

Want drag-and-drop performance?
You got it.

All your other marketing software is drag-and-drop. Why shouldn’t your project management software be the same? And, yes, it’s visually Stunning. Our project management software also automates other draining, tedious tasks.

Marketing departments are known for producing dazzling creative work and visually appealing content. Why should your project management software be any different? We pride ourselves on an intuitive interface that’s worthy of a Webby.

Keep tabs on everything with multiple projects view.

Marketing departments function at breakneck speed.

For the marketing PM, it’s sink or swim. That’s why our project management software gives you at-a-glance view of all your projects. No more toggle, toggle, click, click. Just click, look, and be done. A click saved is a click earned.

Want to send that gantt chart to a jittery client? No prob.

Some clients crave oversight like a goldfish craves the water. If you need to satisfy your client’s need for tidy timelines and organized workflow, simply send a stunning PDF or embed it in a web page. This is the kind of beauty and ease that makes marketing jaws drop.

So easy. So fast. So intuitive. So sleek. So streamlined.

It’s almost like marketing projects take care of themselves — on time and under budget! Take TeamGantt for a risk-free spin.

Excuse me. Would you like a genie in a bottle or better project management software?

Marketing by itself is no simple feat. Managing marketing projects is double jeopardy. The project management software that you use should be up to the challenge. It’s a big challenge. It’s the kind of challenge that makes you want a genie in a bottle — a genie who can grant your wishes.

We understand the needs of modern marketing departments and the project managers who make it all go. Whether you’re a marketing agency or an in-house marketing team, the big hairy challenges are usually the same.

You’ve got an editorial calendar to worry about, that nasty blogging schedule that is way overdue, the confusing social media calendar, the looming launch for the new marketing campaign, and the dozens of other things that you’ll probably forget in 2.5 minutes.

What you need is either a genie in a bottle or project management software that can solve your problems.

Given a choice between those two, we recommend the genie. Since that's not likely, let our free project management software solve your problems today.


What your marketing team really wants from the project management software.

Even though you’re the big cheese in the operation, your minions matter, too. You’re calling the shots, but your designer, your copywriter, your social media guru, your analytics guy, and your intern all need to use the software, too. They’re the ones that make stuff happen. So, what does your marketing team need in their project software?


With full cloud access, the Mac people, the Windows people, and the guy who insists on using Linux can all collaborate together.


Ask questions, get answers, share non-political opinions, and even complain — all within the comfort of your project management software. To streamline the interaction of marketing teams, we decided to put all that chat functionality directly within projects.


Let’s face it. Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is upload another document to Dropbox. Why not upload that PDF directly in your project management software?


Some people’s technical savvy goes only as far as Facebook updates and Yahoo search. (It’s okay, grandma. I understand.) We at TeamGantt skew techy, but our grandmother does not. We believe that everyone should be able to use great software. That’s why we made things so simple.


Do you need your PM software to talk to Basecamp? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Today’s marketing departments need their software to be integrated to the systems and platforms that matter most.

The best solution we’ve found for the needs of a marketing department is TeamGantt.

If you want to experience total control (without any risks), you can try TeamGantt for free. We think you’re going to be blown away.

Project management for marketing departments, simplified.

Every marketing agency faces similar problems — complex projects, creeping scopes, overdue tasks, and about 916 other concerns, give or take a few. The project management software that marketing agencies use should be customized to search and destroy problems. You don’t want software that tiptoes around problems. You want software that takes an aggressive approach so you don’t have to sell your soul. The solution? TeamGantt.

Account-driven or project-driven, it doesn’t matter.

Project management software should adapt to your management style, not the other way around. Regardless of your team’s approach to project management, TeamGantt has the flexibility and adaptability to make it work. We care about your sanity, your deadlines, and your team, not our software’s way of doing things. That’s why “simple” and “flexible” were baked into the code.

Nothing will escape your expert eye.

One of the biggest nightmares in project management is Things That You Forgot About. Whether due to human error or PM software glitch, it’s moments like those that increase the intensity of your ulcer and speed up your body’s aging process. We understand. Although we can’t stop premature graying, we can remove some unnecessary stress. The raw simplicity of our software is the answer.

Marketing departments need to talk to each other.

One of the things we love most about TeamGantt is the ability to communicate within projects. Marketing agencies need to talk about stuff — the big marketing project, the best ad creative, that copy that you need to review, etc. The best place to talk is within the project itself — right alongside of due dates, assignees, and dependencies. Chances are, you can eliminate a few time-wasting meetings, too!

Find out exactly what your people are doing.

Who has more work to do, Judy or Joe? With TeamGantt, you know exactly what everyone’s working on. If Joe has a single two-hour task today, and Judy has four tasks, then you can assign that extra creative work to Joe. It’s like marketing department magic. Who’s busy? Who’s not? All you have to is click on a team member’s’ name, the day, and presto — instant knowledge.

How does that all sound?

Ultimate flexibility. Absolutely simplicity. Total control. Expert communication. Full knowledge.

If you like the way that sounds, then you’ll love the way it feels. Put TeamGantt to the test and create your first project plan for free.

Marketing departments deserve better: Project management software that just works.

Marketing has come a long way since stuck-in-your-head jingles and rotary dial phones. Isn’t it time for your marketing PM software to usher you into the era of slick functionality and total project power? We think that the answer is yes. We think that you’ll agree. If that’s the case, it’s time for you to try us out.

We’ve paved the the future of project management for marketing teams by developing the ultimate project management software. We made it with you in mind — managing projects in a marketing environment. We made it so you do more than put out fires and spaz out over emergencies. We made it so you can do more, better.


Create an awesome project plan free of charge for your marketing team today.