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Visualize and communicate your timelines for all products, resources and people.


Manufacturing is all about managing process. Do it visually.

Manufacturing by nature is all about process. Every process relies upon the previous process as a product is produced. It’s vital that you have a clear picture of how everything comes together. TeamGantt can help you Visually map out your manufacturing projects now, complete dependencies, file storage & bottleneck analysis with our free manufacturing project management software.

  • Visual Project Planning

    TeamGantts visual project charting is so easy and natural to use, most of our manufacturing customers are able to get an entire product mapped out in the first day of their trial. With drag and drop functionality, and the ability to represent people as well as resources (tools/machines) TeamGantt has everything you need and nothing that you don’t

  • All products, one single view

    Products and projects often share people and resources. TeamGantt allows you to view all your projects in a single unified view so you can easily see how different product timelines impact your available resources.

  • Identify capacity bottlenecks.

    With our resource view, you can see how much capacity your people, machines and resources have throughout the entire project. Quickly move a task or operation around to free up the bottleneck and keep the product flowing without delays.

  • Better file storage, in context.

    With TeamGantt’s document upload features you can upload multiple versions of all the documents you need at the project or task level. Design documents, proposals, signed contracts, whatever you need right at your fingertips. All with automatic version control.

  • Better communication, in context.

    Communicate directly with each party associated with an operation or task directly on the task itself. No the design team can chat with the production team to ensure there is no confusion on the CAD file that was shared and attached to the task as well.

  • We take mobile seriously

    The project manager doesn’t only pontificate from an expansive office with a full size display. Sometimes, she’s in the field, on the job site, or in a client’s office. Anywhere you need to project manage, you need to have your project management software.

  • Share your plans with shareholders

    Export to PDF or embed beautiful project timelines. Stop wasting time custom designing your own timelines or sending out cringeworthy charts.

“It didn't take long to love TeamGantt because it's so easy to integrate with everyone in my company. It's so simple to use.”
Scott Givens

Operations Manager, Alturas Homes

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