Do Your Best Work at TeamGantt

“Since day one, we’ve always set boundaries around when we work. We absolutely love it!”
Nathan Gilmore

We’re a small company doing big things

As far as workplaces go, TeamGantt’s a rare breed. We’re a small, 100% remote-first team with thousands of investors we call our customers. Work/life balance is part of our DNA. We pack 36 hours of intentional, uninterrupted work time into each week so we can enjoy everything life has to offer in our off-time.


  • Work from anywhere
  • Competitive pay
  • Flexible hours
  • New employee office bonus
  • Volunteer time off program
  • 401(k) plan with company match
  • Health savings account with company match
  • Parental leave
  • Travel for team meetups

Our Values

At TeamGantt, our mission is to empower teams around the world to be highly successful in their work by providing a simple, beautiful experience for planning and managing projects and day-to-day tasks.


We love our customers, our communities, and our work.


Serving customers and coworkers well is how we show our love.


We believe done is better than perfect and work smart to finish fast.

“Can Do Better”

We push ourselves the extra mile to deliver our very best.


We look for simple solutions that make life easy for customers.


We focus intensely at work so we can be fully present at home.


We choose patience over pride and know there’s always room to grow.


We bring joy to our work and always expect the best of others.


that make life better

Work from anywhere

Imagine working wherever you’re most productive. That place can be a home office, coffee shop, or coworking space—as long as it enables you to focus and work smart. We’ll even give you a $5,000 budget to help you set up shop so you can create your own perfect work environment.

Fast-growing company with a small team vibe

At TeamGantt, you’re never just another head to count. We serve thousands of customers in over 120 countries with just 20 employees. You can take pride knowing you work with a team who cares deeply about the work we do and encourages you daily to do your best work.

No crazy work hours

We don’t want anyone in the company getting burned out. That’s why we take work/life balance seriously. By working smart 36 hours a week, you can stay fresh and accomplish a lot in a fixed amount of time. This sets clear boundaries so you can focus fully on the life you love outside of work. Read more about our work-life values.