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  • Event gantt charts make your plans actionable

    Many event planners do not realize that they are essentially project managing an event. So it makes sense that one of the most coveted tool of project managers would also be useful for event planners. In planning an event you need to track many separate teams and vendors, whose tasks are can be dependant on one another. Gantt charts present you with a visual representation of all the tasks that need to be completed, and how they depend on one another. Visualising your event from set up to execution will help make sure you don’t run into any unforeseen conflicts.

  • One tool to manage all your events

    If you have to plan multiple events, often your tasks are going to overlap for them. TeamGantt has the unique ability to show you all your tasks for all your projects in a single unified view. This way you can see all the tasks for all the projects you have in a given timeframe. No more jumping back and forth between views or spreadsheets.

  • Keep track of any files or images related to an event

    How are you managing all those files you get emailed? They sitting on your desktop? Maybe you are using online storage like dropbox, but it can be a pain to try and track down what file relates to what file and task. What if any file related to a task could live right on the task list itself? Weather its documents, PDFs, design files or seating charts they all live with your tasks on the related projects. Eliminate redundant revisions and track your vendor proposals, contracts, negotiations, and invoices.

  • Collaborate with clients and event staff.

    You have a lot of moving parts. Trying to co-ordinate everything over phone and e-mail can get a little daunting. What if you could chat directly with your clients and staff right on your event project schedule? With TeamGantt you can keep conversations in context, weather you are talking about entertainment, seating or decor.

  • We take mobile seriously

    The project manager doesn’t only pontificate from an expansive office with a full size display. Sometimes, she’s in the field, on the job site, or in a client’s office. Anywhere you need to project manage, you need to have your project management software.

  • Share your plans with shareholders

    Export to PDF or embed beautiful project timelines. Stop wasting time custom designing your own timelines or sending out cringeworthy charts.

“It didn't take long to love TeamGantt because it's so easy to integrate with everyone in my company. It's so simple to use.”
Scott Givens

Operations Manager, Alturas Homes

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