Case Study

Creative Market

Creative Market needed a flexible gantt tool that helped project teams see how tasks overlap and changed over time.

Priya Kothari

COO at Creative Market. Logistics and details are my friends. Tacos and TV sitcoms are my favorites.

What does your company do?

Creative Market is an online marketplace where you can buy digital design goods to use in your personal or commercial projects.

How many people in your team or company?


What is your position in the company?

Senior Project Manager

How do you and your team use TeamGantt?

We use TeamGantt to manage our product roadmap, our resourcing plans, and to manage detailed project schedules.

What is the biggest benefit that you receive from TeamGantt?

I have found that gantt views are the easiest way to manage plans that span several weeks. The visual helps project teams see how tasks overlap and understand how much time is allotted for each task. Project plans change daily, so the biggest benefit I receive from TeamGantt is the ability to easily reflect those changes in my gantt view. I can reorder tasks, change task dates, update resources, color code, and leave tasks notes with just a click or two.

Do you have a favorite feature?

I really like the clear dates option when filling out task dates. It’s great for when you want to account for a task that needs to happen, but you’re not ready to assign specific dates to the work yet.

Do you have any special tips or tricks?

Generally speaking I recommend assigning resources to each task and using color codes when you need to categorize tasks. Filtering on those attributes is really simple and the filtered views can be extremely helpful for larger projects.