One question we receive from time to time is, “What is a milestone in a gantt chart”?

Milestone in a Gantt Chart

A milestone is simply a way to mark an important point in the project.  Examples could include:

  • Project Kick-Off
  • Design Complete
  • Phase 1 Complete
  • Documents Finalized

Benefits of Using Milestones in Your Gantt Charts

When creating your gantt chart, milestones provide a very easy way to see important dates at a glance.  This allows others who view your gantt chart to quickly see the big important dates.  It’s also a great feeling to complete the milestone and check it off when it’s complete!

Lot’s of people create milestones in their TeamGantt projects everyday.  Ready to start using milestones? Use TeamGantt’s online gantt chart software for free when you sign-up for an account.

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