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The Story of TeamGantt [VIDEO]: How your favorite Project Scheduling Tool came to be

Jason Kisser
April 12, 2016

Every year we, the TeamGantt team, all get together for a couple days to hang out and have some real life face time. Being a completely remote team scattered, literally, from coast to coast, we don't get to be in the same physical location too often so when we get the chance, we jump at it.

While we were all together over the winter this year we got to talking about the history of TeamGantt and how it all started. We had a pretty good idea of the big picture but it was really great to hear it directly from our co-founders, Nathan and John. That got me thinking...

I love learning about how my favorite companies got their start and what made them do things the way they did. I don't think I'm alone in that. And, if we were that interested in the story of TeamGantt ourselves, maybe other people would be as well. So when we got back, we got Nathan and John back together and had them tell the story again. This time on camera.

So that's the TeamGantt story. What do you think? Any other questions about the beginnings of TeamGantt? Let us know in the comments.

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