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The TeamGantt Project Management Mobile App (Gantt Charts for iOS & Android)

Michael Morton
January 25, 2018

Good news everyone! You can download the TeamGantt mobile app right now, with iOS and Android versions both available.

Now you can update tasks and coordinate your team from anywhere.

Why a project management mobile app?

Two major reasons, really.

First, a mobile app was one of the most requested features from our customers. And we love making our customers happy.

Second, we weren’t completely happy with the existing mobile experience. Having a dedicated mobile app allows us to polish up the rough spots and make the mobile experience better.

A quick preview of the TeamGantt iOS and Android app

Project overview

TeamGantt's iOS and Android apps use mobile-optimized list views in place of the traditional project timelines and gantt charts. This allows you to get an overall view of your project without having to swipe.

My tasks

This is your home base. You can see your tasks, across all active projects, that are currently assigned to you.



On the Discussions screen you can view and respond to active discussions. You can even toggle between discussions on all projects you’re on or just the tasks that are assigned to you.

Task details

Inside each task, you'll find all the information you'd expect, including checklist items.

Give TeamGantt a try in the mobile app

TeamGantt’s mobile app is a trusty companion to your existing TeamGantt account. Don’t have a TeamGantt account? It’s free and easy to sign up. Try TeamGantt out—no strings attached!

With TeamGantt’s mobile app in hand, you can do almost everything the TeamGantt web app allows you to do. And we're continuing to improve the app and add new features along the way!

We feel great about the direction we’re headed and believe you’ll be excited too. ​

Download the iOS or Android app today!

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