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Simple Mobile Access to TeamGantt

Nathan Gilmore
March 4, 2013
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We recently released a neat way to be able to see your task lists and update your progress from a mobile device.  It's very simple and accomplishes what we have been hearing is most important:1) Seeing what tasks are currently in progress2) Being able to update % complete

Here are a few more screenshots:

Rotate your phone left to see start and end dates in landscape view.

Rotate your phone right to see resource names in landscape view.

You can also view more information about the tasks and even add comments.

We hope you like it!  It is not designed to be a complete replacement for using a desktop/laptop.  It is meant to enhance the functionality and allow easier access when on the go.  If you have any other feedback on this, let us know.

You can access it by either logging in like you would normally do from a phone or by going directly to this link: teamgantt.mobi

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