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Project Management

Scheduling with Gantt Charts

John Correlli
April 13, 2011


It's been a while since our last post, as we've been hard at work on the new release. As of last Tuesday, we officially released the new version and switched hosting providers all together; thanks to the growth we've seen for our awesome users!

Imagine this, you have a large project, full of multiple different resources and many events are dependent upon a previous task being completed before you can start. This is where the greatly improved TeamGantt comes in to save the day. Our online gantt chart includes a newly enhanced "Quick Add" feature, it's very easy to create many tasks in a short period of time. With our updated drag and drop intelligence, you can continue to schedule out the tasks you just entered by, moving horizontally across the calendar, moving just the start date backwards (leaving the due date in place) and finally, dragging the end of the task and only rescheduling the end date. All done with out the cumbersome refresh that slowed things down before. Need to link two (or more) tasks together? Simple, with our much improved task dependency, you can very quickly drag the dependency line from one task to another. Have a schedule change? No problem, just update the necessary task and any connected tasks will automatically reschedule themselves, saving you endless amount of time making adjustments to your project schedule.

With our powerful, yet very simple to use resource management software, it's very simple to invite users (who will automatically become a resource), create a company resource (to be used across all projects), and even create project specific resources. Unlike others, where you type in the name of the resource next to the task as free text, leaving it difficult to see what task belongs to whom, we've implemented a resource picker along the side of the task. Simply click on the resource icon and down pops a list of all resources connected to the project. Check off those assigned to the task and you're ready to move to the next task. Assigned resources will now show up next to the task for quickly identifying which task belongs to which user. Need to see just your tasks? Simple, just select your name from the resource filter and all other tasks are hidden, leaving just your tasks visible.

Need to leave a note or even link (url) to a task? Easy, just click on the note icon next to each task, enter the note & url that apply, and click save. The note icon will now be lit up signifying there is a note attached to the adjacent task.

If you're not a user, signup up here! and begin using our web based, multi-user gantt chart.

Here are some video tips:

General OverviewTask Dependancies

Resource Management



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