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Project Management

Online Project Management the TeamGantt Way

John Correlli
October 29, 2010

There comes a time in almost every project where one must create for themselves a schedule of tasks. One common way of doing such, is to use a GTD (Getting Things Done) application such as Things, iGTD, or even OmniFocus. However, there's a few major functionalities that are lost with these GTD applications. All these allow you to see is a task, it's start date, and it's end date; some will allow for resources, but even still, it's just a list. This is where TeamGantt comes in.

TeamGantt was developed to be a simple, yet elegant online project management solution. TeamGantt will allow the project manager to create groups, tasks, and milestones and visually plan out their projects. Project managing with TeamGantt allows all members to be brought together in one online solution. Our online structure will allows access to all your project needs no matter where you are on the globe, as long as you have internet access. Whether you're using Mac or PC, Safari or Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer; TeamGantt will display your project properly across all browsers and operating systems, ensuring a common look and feel, no matter what.

With plans as low as $10 per month versus Microsoft Project Professional costing almost $1,000 it's easy to see why people are using TeamGantt for all their project management needs.

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