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On TeamGantt

New Features! - Add Tasks Faster and New Heatmap Colors for Resourcing

Nathan Gilmore
April 13, 2015

We have been on a roll lately with new releases almost every week.  Last Friday we released a few really cool new features that can be used by everyone.1) Faster Way to Add Tasks!  Now when you enter in a task name and click "Enter", a new row is automatically created allowing you to then enter in another task name.  This way you can list out a bunch of tasks very quickly while reducing the number of clicks needed.  Once they are all listed out, you can simply drag and drop the task bar to schedule it.


2) New Heatmap Colors for Resourcing!  Want to see at a glance how busy team members are?  Simply click the "Show Availability" tab in the bottom right of the chart.  You will now notice that we color coded each cell based on how many tasks are assigned to a person or resource on any given day.  A lighter yellow represents less tasks and deeper orange or red indicates more tasks.

Resourcing Gantt Chart

3) Easier way to adjust the start date of your project.  Simply scroll to the beginning and you can easily click to change the start date.

Set start date of gantt chart


There were also a few other small tweaks and performance updates released recently.  If you have any other feedback or questions on these features or others that you would like to see, just let us know!  Hope you enjoy these.

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