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New Feature - Activity List and "Undo" Now Live

Meredith Reynolds
August 11, 2014

Tracking and monitoring changes made to a project just got easier! Gone are the days of opening your chart and hoping no changes were erroneously made, or feeling the need to manually back up your project through multiple PDF exports or CSV files to compare various stages of an ongoing endeavor. With our new change tracking list, TeamGantt takes the worry out of a collaborative project management environment by tracking all changes made to any projects.

By simply using the "Activity Tab", it's possible to monitor line by line, change by change, updates made to a project.


And better yet, if someone makes a change in error or changes their mind, the change can be undone!


With complex projects come many updates and changes. This new feature even allows you to filter the types of changes you wish to see.



To try it out, simply open up a project and click the Activity tab at the top. Let us know what you think!

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