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New Dashboard!

Nathan Gilmore
April 5, 2012
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We are excited that we were able to release a brand new dashboard last week!  The new dashboard gives a little more detail about each of your projects at a glance.  You can quickly see things like how many tasks you currently have assigned to you, how many tasks are still remaining in all of the active projects, who is invited to each project and more!

Select All Projects: We also added the much requested "Select All Projects" feature.  You can now easily open all of your active projects at once and view them in the same gantt chart without having to select each project.

My Tasks: This is a great way to quickly see how many items you have either currently in progress or remaining.  You can click on the link and it will open up your active projects and filter down to just your tasks.  This makes it very easy for users in your team to log in and see just what they need to do or update their progress.

Profile Pictures: You can now directly upload pictures to TeamGantt to use for profiles.  It's a great way to easily recognize people throughout the application.  The images are now displayed under each project so that you can easily see who is on each project.

You can also hover over an image to see how many tasks a user currently has either in progress or remaining on that given project.  You can then click the link to see those items.

Invite Users from Dashboard: There is a small "+" button now that you can use to invite users directly from the dashboard.

Collapsed View: There is also a collapsed view for anyone with a lot of projects.  This allows for more projects to be displayed on the screen at once and is accessible by clicking on the Active Projects drop down.



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