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Here's How We Manage Our Editorial Calendar with TeamGantt

Stephanie Gonzaga
January 9, 2017

Gantt charts are a great tool for just about any project you can think of—home improvements, software development, retail, and even content marketing. In fact, we were lucky to share a case study of how Zen Optimise uses TeamGantt to plan all of their content.

As avid users of our own product, we chose to build a consistent editorial calendar using TeamGanttm, instead of using other editorial calendar software. We're living proof that you can use Gantt charts to oversee every aspect of the publishing process.

If you're looking for more examples of how to use TeamGantt to manage your editorial calendar, we're pulling the curtains to reveal how we at TeamGantt organize and manage the content you see on The Project Management Learning Center.

It took us months to iron out the kinks, but we pretty much nailed our unique process down. Here's our editorial calendar:

Online Gantt Chart

The Submission Process

Anyone interested in writing for the Project Management Learning Center blog simply needs to email us with their topic suggestions and/or outline.

Once these are approved and a deadline is set, we create a task on the Editorial Calendar chart where we'd indicate the blog post's topic or title, the name of the author, and their website. We'd also request for their bio-note, which we use for their by-line at the bottom of the blog post.

Staff Authors vs. Guest authors

We envision our blog to be a go-to resource for valuable advice on team productivity, project management, and remote work. Who better to share this information than the very people who are within these teams and actively managing their projects?

We opened our blog to guest post submissions this year, but needed a way to distinguish guest post submissions apart from our content. We decided to create two subgroups where topics suggested by staff authors are listed apart from guest author contributions. For scheduling, we created a "Guest blogger" resource so it's easy to plan and schedule guest author content without needing to invite the writer to our calendar.

We added even more distinction using task colors. Staff author submissions are yellow while guest author submissions are gray.

The Publishing Schedule

We publish new blog posts every Monday at 08:00 AM.

To ensure that we meet this schedule each week, we separated our blog post submission deadlines from the actual publishing schedule. This way, we know when a blog post is supposed to go live and whose blog post to publish.

Once a topic is finalized, we create a dependency between the blog post submission and their date for publication as represented by the milestones. When the blog post is published, we notify the author or organization and share the blog post all over our social media channels, including our official YouTube channel.

Comments and Progress Updates

If you are in charge of overseeing quality of your editorial content, you can reach out to your staff authors for feedback or progress updates using the comments feature. The Request a progress update feature is another useful tool you can use to touch base with your writers.

If you're working with guest authors and don't want to add them as users to your account, you can create a "Guest Blogger" resource instead. You can still schedule their submission and publication deadlines while collaborating with them via Google Docs or other third party apps.

Download the Editorial Calendar template

You can start your own editorial calendar with a simple Gantt chart. If you'd like to get a head start, download our editorial calendar template (.csv) and import it to your TeamGantt account using our import CSV feature.

Download here: Editorial Calendar Template

Feel free to customize the template to suit your marketing team's approach to content marketing. Take as much time as needed to build an organized and consistent editorial calendar.

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