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How to Hire the Best Talent for Your Remote Team

Laura LaPrad
June 19, 2018
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 Building a rock-solid remote team requires a lot of time and trust, especially when every interaction happens virtually. So how do you find the right talent for your team?

At TeamGantt, we’ve spent nearly a decade growing our team and have developed a few go-to strategies along the way. Here’s how to recruit and hire a remote team you can count on.

Listen to episode 4 of Time Limit for more tips on hiring and running a successful remote team.

Recruiting the right talent for your remote team

An all-star team starts with stellar individuals. These tips can help you recruit the best and brightest of the remote talent bunch.

Start with your team

You’ve already built a trustworthy team of people who understand what makes your company tick. So start by asking your team for referrals. Chances are, they know someone who fits the bill—and you can save time and worry in the process.

Create a FOMO-worthy About Us page

You want people to know just how awesome it is to work for your company, right? Then do a little bragging. Let your culture shine through on your About Us page, and invite others to be part of the fun. Tell your origin story. Share your your mission. Talk about your customers. And of course, don’t leave out the perks. 🙌

Post on remote job boards

This is a great way to target prospects who already have experience working remotely or are on the hunt for a remote job. We use to post remote job openings, but there are several resources to choose from.

Partner with a recruiter

Struggling to dig through piles of resumes to find gold? If you’re strapped for time but can’t grow without a new hire, consider working with a recruiter. It’s worth the investment if you can keep business moving forward without breaking your stride.

Don’t settle for so-so

When your team’s maxed out and there’s no end in sight, it can be tempting to rush the hire just to ease the pressure. But bad hires cost time and money. Be patient with the process, and trust your gut if someone doesn’t feel right. It may take a few months, but you’ll be glad you waited for the perfect fit.

3 interview tips for a successful remote hire

The interview process can be challenging when you never meet candidates face-to-face. These simple tips can help you narrow down the field and find the right person.

Embrace video chat

Body language speaks just as loudly as words. While phone interviews may seem like the easy way to go, you’ll get a better read on candidates with video chat. Even better, you’ll feel like you’re already friends when you do meet in-person for the first time.

Ask the right interview questions

Not everyone is cut out for remote work. These interview questions can help you determine whether a candidate’s a good fit for your remote team.

  • What motivates you? The best remote workers are driven to do great work without someone looking over their shoulder every 5 minutes. Listen for clues your candidate’s a self-starter who knows how to make the most of their time each day.
  • Why do you want to work remotely? Your candidate’s reasons can give you insight into their drive and work ethic. Personal benefits are okay. But if they’re also looking to improve their own productivity, consider that a bonus.
  • Have you worked remotely before? Don’t settle for a simple yes or no. Dig deeper into their past experience by asking whether they liked working remotely and what challenges they encountered.
  • How do you set up your day? We look for someone who has a little structure, whether it’s a regular cadence to their day or clear boundaries between home and office. Think about how your organization works, and use this question to determine whether a candidate aligns with your company culture.
  • What’s your home office like? If someone’s home office consists of the kitchen table or non-stop coffee shops, that can be a recipe for distraction. Those spots are just fine some of the time. But you need to know someone can close a door to create a quiet and productive environment when needed.
  • What’s your biggest project or accomplishment? You can learn a lot about someone’s problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills with this question—especially if their pet project happened remotely.

Assign a test project with no deadline

This test isn’t just about quality. You want to see how a candidate works without oversight. Pay attention to their communication along the way. Do they ask about a deadline or tell you when they’ll have it complete? Or do they go silent and drag their feet on delivering the goods?

Keep your team happy and productive with TeamGantt

Hiring great talent is only half the battle. You’ve also got to ensure your team loves what they do and knows how to get the job done right.

TeamGantt makes it easy to balance workloads, collaborate on work, and track progress in real time so your team can cross the finish line on time and still have a smile on their face. 😁

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