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Team Productivity

How to Stay Connected with Coworkers When Working Remotely

Laura LaPrad
April 3, 2020
remote work team connection tips

If you’ve transitioned to remote work and are still trying to figure out how to bridge the distance with coworkers, you’re not alone. 

In fact, that question came up quite a bit during a live panel Q&A we hosted recently. So I thought I’d recap a few tips we shared to help you stay connected with your team. Here’s how to maintain a strong bond with colleagues when everyone works from home. 

Lead with kindness and compassion

We’re all experiencing a lot of change and uncertainty right now. That’s why grief expert David Kessler stressed the importance of being compassionate with each other in a recent interview with Harvard Business Review:

“. . . it’s a good time to stock up on compassion. Everyone will have different levels of fear and grief and it manifests in different ways. A coworker got very snippy with me the other day and I thought, That’s not like this person; that’s how they’re dealing with this. I’m seeing their fear and anxiety. So be patient. Think about who someone usually is and not who they seem to be in this moment.”

If you want to connect meaningfully with your team, you have to show them you genuinely care about them as humans first. So find ways to reach out and make a personal connection with your teammates.

Here’s how to extend kindness and compassion to your team during this time:

Reach out and call someone

Sometimes just talking to someone is better and easier. So don’t be shy about picking up the phone or hopping on a video chat to talk things out with a teammate if email or Slack isn’t cutting it. 

It’s so easy to let miscommunication go when you’re left to your own solitude at home. But remember: To be clear is to be kind. Reaching out to a teammate at the first sign of confusion or misunderstanding helps everyone work better together—no matter the distance—and keeps false assumptions from creating division among your team.

Have virtual fun together

Nothing brings a team together like fun. That’s why we spend just as much time having fun together as we do getting work done at our annual meetups. 

The good news is, social distancing doesn’t have to put a stop to fun. You just have to get more creative about it. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling:

Build shout-outs into your team routine

It’s easy to stop by a coworker’s desk to thank them for helping you out with a project. But those off-the-cuff moments of recognition take extra effort when everyone’s working at home. 

High-fives may be off-limits as we social distance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recognize the awesome work your team is doing and create a culture of compliments among your team. 

So why not make space for morale-boosting in your remote routine? Dedicate 5 or 10 minutes of your weekly team meeting to shout-outs, or set up a shout-outs channel in Slack or Microsoft Teams. This will ensure your team feels seen and heard, even from far away. 

Be transparent about your plan

Whether you lead projects or manage a team, people look to you for information. And with so much uncertainty in the air, there’s never been a bigger need for open and honest communication. 

A recent Harvard Business Review article puts it like this:

“The more you communicate and share, the less chance there is to develop an information vacuum within your team. Communicate regularly even if you don’t have new information to share. Maintaining transparency through a crisis with frequent updates is the ultimate expression of good faith, empathy, and genuine concern for your team.”

One simple way to maintain transparency is to have a plan for how you’re going to get through this. So much of what’s happening is beyond our control, and it’s easy for people to get distracted with everything going on. Focusing on what you do have control over—and communicating that plan to the team—helps ease anxiety and provides clarity into next steps you can all take together.

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