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On TeamGantt

Gantt chart software for the modern classroom

Meredith Reynolds
January 15, 2016

TeamGantt101-Gantt Chart Software for the modern classroom

If you thought gantt chart software like TeamGantt was just for professional project managers in fancy boardrooms, it's time to give us another look. Here at TeamGantt, one of our goals is to integrate the technology of our product with the needs of today's busy classroom. Whether you're guiding students through their own project in the classroom, or you're teaching a full course in project management, TeamGantt is the perfect educational tool.

TeamGantt-Gantt Chart Software

Some Instructor Benefits

Some Student Benefits

Are you an instructor considering TeamGantt for your classroom? Using your work-place provided email address, email us at to learn more about special pricing for instructors and how TeamGantt can be leveraged in the classroom.

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