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Meet Brett Harned, TeamGantt’s Director of Education

Laura LaPrad
May 22, 2018
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If you’ve been part of the TeamGantt family for any length of time, you’ve probably seen him around—whether he’s leading a class, writing a guide or blog post, or making a guest appearance on a video or podcast episode.

Brett Harned has been a TeamGantt friend and champion for the past 5 years. Now, he’s officially joined the team as Director of Education—and we couldn’t be more excited.

Not only is Brett new to TeamGantt’s roster, so is the role he’s taking on.  

“We’ve focused heavily on our product for years. Now we want to double-down in education to help people manage their projects more confidently—whether it’s through free classes, articles, and guides or by creating an entire community of people around it,” TeamGantt Cofounder Nathan Gilmore explains.

So what made Brett the right fit for the role? Let’s take a look at just a few of reasons we’re so happy to have Brett on board.

He’s got chops

If you want to teach others the secret to success, you’ve got to bring experience to the table—and Brett’s got that in spades.

With 20 years in communications and project management under his belt, Brett’s spent time on the front lines, built and led teams of project managers, and taught companies how to perfect their project management game.

Most recently, Brett worked as a digital project management consultant and coach, working with organizations like Navy Federal Credit Union, Simple, and a number of digital agencies. Prior to that, he served as Vice President of Project Management at Happy Cog and as a senior PM at Razorfish. He’s worked on digital projects with a variety of clients, including Zappos, MTV, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Alaska Air, and many more.

He’s passionate about education

We all know actions speak louder than words. And if Brett’s career could speak, it’d say this: He loves helping people grow as project managers.

“There are so many people like me who just fell into project management, and those people benefit from ongoing education and community,” Brett says.

Here are just a few of the ways Brett has shared his know-how with others:

“Brett’s is in the middle of all things digital project management, so he knows it inside and out,” Nathan says. “We know a lot of people are curious about how they can run their projects better—and who better than Brett to help educate them and build community around it?”

He brings PMs together

Project management has good days and bad days. And when things get tough, it’s nice to know others have been there, done that, and can help you find solutions.

That’s why Brett pours so much energy into community-building.

“Every project manager faces challenges. Some are unique, but many are universal,” Brett says. “It's been amazing to see people be real about their work challenges and have a community rally and help. I've seen it work with DPM Philly—the meetup I started in Philadelphia—as well the Digital PM Summit.”

He puts people first

Everybody knows project managers have a heart for process. But over the years, Brett discovered there’s a lot more to project management than keeping track of plans and budgets.

“It's truly people-focused,” Brett says. “You have to work hard to be a good communicator and to build really solid relationships.”

At TeamGantt, we’re big fans of putting people first too, so adding Brett to the team was a natural fit. He loves to build processes and communication tactics that work not only for projects but for the people involved in them.

“When you form strong relationships with coworkers and clients, good things will come,” Brett says.

We heartily agree. 😄

Want to sharpen your project management skills?

Whether you’re just getting started with TeamGantt or want to learn how to plan and manage projects better, we’ve got a class for you. Best of all, it won’t cost you a thing! Register for one of our free classes today!

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