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Beautiful New Design for Your TeamGantt Home Screen

Nathan Gilmore
October 1, 2015
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Over the weekend we rolled out a brand new home screen design with some really useful new functionality. The entire page received a new look along with a few new sections. As soon as you log in, you will be able to see the new changes.

My Tasks

Your team will know exactly what to work on and how to update their progress each day.

My Task View Project Management

This will make it easier for you to get the updates that you need. You can have your team simply log in and then click "My Tasks". From that one screen they can:

  • Know what they should be working on today
  • Easily update their progress
  • Upload files
  • Start a conversation on a task

Your Weekly View Gets More Weeks!

It's no longer just one week at a glance. You can now see 4 weeks! It's great not only for viewing your tasks, but you can also filter it by person or project to get a monthly glance at what's happening.

weekly task view project management

Conversations from All Your Projects in Place

It just became super easy to get caught up on your conversations across all projects. Simply click the conversations tab when you log in and all your recent conversations will be displayed right there. You can easily reply and create new conversations conveniently from this new screen.

Project Management Conversations

Performance Boost

We also made some under the hood changes to help performance on larger projects and for people located in Europe.

We have more coming too! Stay tuned...

Could We Ask a Quick Favor?

It would mean a ton to us if you would help us spread the word about the new improvements here at TeamGantt by sending out a quick tweet :)


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