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16 Tools That Help Us Compete as a Small Team

Tim Macchi
December 2, 2019
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At TeamGantt, we aim to do big things while maintaining a small, productive team. This is no easy task, considering we’re 100% funded by our customers. 

The key to getting more done with a small team is finding points of leverage—and using the right software tools can be a great way for you to do just that. 

So we thought we’d share a few favorites that help our team do more with less. Here are 16 tools we use every day to work smarter, broken down by team.

Product & design 

Our product & design team is lean and mean. Designer Brandon and TeamGantt cofounder Nathan interface with various teams across the company and use these apps to keep product & design tasks moving right along. 

  • Sketch 
  • InVision
  • Webflow

Sketch & InVision

We use Sketch for prototyping, while InVision helps us keep all the designs organized and centralize our communications. 

Brandon Tully, TeamGantt creative director

“InVision is a great product because it allows me to sync designs with a click of a button directly from Sketch. I can create projects, add screens to projects, and prototype within Sketch and sync it all to InVision,” Brandon explains. “Recently, we’ve been tying in our Components Library using DSM.”

“We don’t use the collaboration features as much as we used to, but that’s because our product has reached new levels and we’ve started using TeamGantt more for that,” he adds. 


Webflow is our go-to tool for hosting and updating our company website. This enables us to free up resources for product development. 

Webflow democratizes the website so anyone can make changes to CSS/HTML using a visual interface. This allows our designer to get designs up very quickly, without the need for a developer.

User research is a must for any product team, and we love staying in touch with our users. We lean on to run user studies with real users in our app rather than random people recruited solely for user research. 

Marketing & video

Our marketing tools make it easy to send emails and publish content without tying up dev resources. We’re always on the lookout for integrations that enable us to streamline data across platforms so we can create personalized experiences for people.

  • Hubspot
  • Webflow CMS
  • Wistia
  • Segment
  • Amplitude


Hubspot is the tool we use to manage all of our email marketing automation. It makes it very easy to create great-looking emails and deliver them through advanced workflows based on events and attributes collected through Segment (more on that tool below).

Webflow CMS

Our marketing team also uses Webflow to publish content to the website. We crank out a lot of free content and resources, including regular blog posts. All of this is updated and managed using the Webflow CMS. 

Wistia &

Because we do so much video, we use Wistia to host all our videos. Wistia has a great API that allows us to do complex personalized videos, like the personalized welcome video in our app. 

Our video team also uses an Adobe Premiere add-on called to streamline the video review and revision process. allows us to share video sequences with non-Premiere users who can make notes directly in the video timelines. We also storyboard and create shortlists, which we then export so the rest of the team can give feedback on the video concept.

Segment & Amplitude

For tracking, we use Segment to gather all the user data and send it to tools like Amplitude and Google Analytics. Centralizing our user events means we only have to add or change the events once for all the tools to gather the same data.

Software development

Our dev team is always looking for ways to improve efficiency and focus so they can continue to make TeamGantt the best it can be. These 3 tools help us save time on the little things so we can stay focused on what’s most important.

  • Gitify
  • TeamGantt Boards
  • Copy’em Paste


Our development team uses Gitify to help keep things moving through the git approval process. Let’s face it: We don’t always check our emails, and Github email notifications tend to get lost in the shuffle. 

Gitify gives our team the ability to receive instant desktop notifications whenever something happens within Github and provides a UI that aggregates notifications in a single, streamlined place. 


It probably comes as no big surprise that we also use our own tool—TeamGantt—to get things done. Recently, we’ve been putting our new boards feature (it’s in beta) to work for us. 

The biggest advantage we get from boards is the inbox feature. By keeping our schedules (aka: gantt charts) up-to-date, the inbox practically auto-grooms the backlog for us, making sprint planning quick and easy.

Copy’em Paste

This tool gives our team right-click superpowers. You can easily save a history of all the things you CMD+C and also paste multiple items from your history. Little improvements in efficiency like this can really add up over time.

Customer success

If we want customers to love our product, we’ve got to serve them well. That’s why the ability to deliver speedy responses and spot opportunities to improve the customer experience is so important. Here are 3 tools we use to support our customers better. 

  • Intercom
  • HelpScout
  • ProfitWell

Intercom & HelpScout

Our support team uses 2 main tools for communicating with customers: Intercom (in-app) and HelpScout (email). Both are great ways to communicate directly with our customers. Both streamline support by making it easy to template answers to common questions. 


ProfitWell helps us track our financial metrics in terms of purchases and churn. We’re especially excited about new features they’re adding that enable us to reduce churn and identify customers who might be at risk of churning. 

These are the tools that help us work smart right now, but we’re always refining our tooling to gain maximum leverage. We plan to update this post as our stack evolves, so stay tuned! 

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