Gantt Chart Timelines for Basecamp 2

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Visual Scheduling for Your Basecamp 2 Projects

Basecamp is a great collaboration tool, but sometimes it can be challenging to see the big picture. With this integration, you can import your Basecamp project and visually schedule out each of your Basecamp To-Dos in a feature rich Gantt Chart. Your changes will be immediately synced back to Basecamp. We have implemented a very detailed integration that also provides the ability to import users from Basecamp and even sync comments between TeamGantt and Basecamp.

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Integration Features

  • Sync Projects
  • Sync To-Dos
  • Sync Calendar Items
  • Sync Calendar Items
  • Sync Comments
  • Sync People
  • Visualize Team Workload
  • View Multiple Projects in One Gantt Chart
  • Export and Share Plans with Stakeholder

Drag and Drop Scheduling for Basecamp

Create your gantt chart for Basecamp by simply dragging and dropping your tasks to plan your project. TeamGantt is a robust Gantt Chart tool with dependencies, baselines and resource management. Just jump in and start adding tasks. No Training Required. Be up and running in minutes. More Gantt Chart Features

30 Seconds: How our project
scheduling software works

“It is so intuitive and easy to use, even non-project managers are using it.”

Tracy Krebs, Director,
Financial Operations, Expedia

Sync Comments and Discussions

With TeamGantt and Basecamp integration, you can view and reply to Basecamp conversations right from the task or project view. No need to jump back and forth between tools.

30 Seconds: Centralize your 
project information

“This is the easiest project software I've ever used. We use it to keep track of all our key activity lists. Everything is in one central place and you can attach files.”

Kevin Kilbride, Therma-Ray

Manage Basecamp Workloads

One of the benefits of using gantt charts with built in resource management software on your Basecamp projects, is to see what each person is working on any given day. See who’s busy and who’s not with a quick glance at your project plan gantt chart. Be more realistic about project timelines and easily understand if you need more staffing. Improve company morale by not stressing people out with too much work.

30 Seconds: Manage resources
in your gantt project

“TeamGantt makes it very easy to update and visualize the plan and identify where more or less time/resource may be needed.”

Fiona Pietruski, CMO at Shopography

Smarter Time Tracking & Reporting

Whether you're a consultant, at an agency, or part of an in-house team, if you track hours on projects and manage various tasks, our time tracking and project management software will save you time and a whole lot of hassle. To test this feature out in your gantt project online, you'll need to start a 30-day trial of our premium plan.

30 Seconds: How to track time
in your gantt chart

More Features

Multiple projects in one Gantt Chart

Finally, you can see all your project tasks in a single glorious view. See how resources are affected across projects.

Dependencies between tasks

What tasks need to be finished, before others can start? How will a delay effect the rest of the project? Dependencies within our gantt plan give you the answer visually.

Easy for non-project managers too

Or online gantt chart creator is powerful enough to be a MS project alternative, but built to be intuitive and usable by everyone on your team.

Beautiful PDFs & Excel exports for your proposals

Export presentation ready project charts and timelines into PDF's or Excel CSV format. No need to redesign your own gantt charts.

File upload

Upload any file directly to a task or project then eport it later if needed.

Baselines: compare original plan to actual progress

Compare your original plan to actual progress all within your gantt planner.


Chat with your team without having to leave TeamGantt. You can chat around a particular task or organize a general project level chat. With TeamGantt, you can add as many team members as you need to your gantt plan; check out our pricing plans to learn more.

Time tracking

Integrated time tracking within the gantt chart that's not obtrusive to your workflow.