Our mission is to give teams the confidence to crush deadlines.

Why did we build TeamGantt?

Most gantt chart software solutions aren't always collaborative or intuitive. Other project tools allow you to manage a to-do list and collaborate, but it’s easy to lose the big picture and they don’t answer questions like: “Is my project on track?” or “how busy is my team?” With TeamGantt you can plan the big picture and execute with your team in one intuitive tool.

Project by project, we're changing the way new ideas come to life.

TeamGantt was Co-Founded in 2009 by John Correlli and Nathan Gilmore. At the time, they were both developing software for a large roofing contractor in Baltimore, MD. After searching hard for a good way to schedule and collaborate on projects online, they couldn't find anything that did both well. They decided to tackle the challenge of building what would eventually become TeamGantt on nights and weekends. They soon realized that other companies might be interested in the product as well. As soon as an early version was ready, they made it available for others to try. It quickly became a hit as many othes were looking for the same thing!

After iterating on user feedback and paying close attention to usability, TeamGantt was officially launched in November of 2010. Within a few hours they had a handful of customers, and in that first year they attracted big names such as Twitter, Expedia and Turner Broadcasting. To this day, TeamGantt continues to help teams large and small from every industry work smarter on their projects.

The Team

Aaron Rogstad
Lead Product Specialist
Brandon Tully
Creative Director
Caleb Jones
Ishmael Smyrnow
Jake Buob
Jason Kisser
Design and Video
John Correlli
Meredith Reynolds
Director of Administration
Nathan Gilmore
Stef Gonzaga
Product Specialist
Tim Macchi