About Us

The TeamGantt Story

TeamGantt was Co-Founded in 2009 by John Correlli and Nathan Gilmore. After searching hard for a good way to schedule a project online, they couldn't find anything! They decided to tackle the challenge of building it themselves. Nathan began designing early interfaces and John began building what would soon become TeamGantt. As soon as an early version was ready, TeamGantt began taking beta users in 2010.

After iterating on user feedback and paying close attention to usability, TeamGantt was officially launched in November of 2010. Now with thousands of users across world and thousands of projects created, TeamGantt continues to enhance the product and provide excellent customer service to every user!

The Team

John CorrelliCo-Founder

John loves to tackle a new challenge at TeamGantt. He takes care of making it all work. As John works to ensure speed and efficiency in all TeamGantt code, he knows that the end result will make the lives of many TeamGantt users easier and happier. John is usually watching soccer, playing soccer, or reviewing the latest news in politics.

Nathan GilmoreCo-Founder

For every feature that needs to be designed in TeamGantt, Nathan will obsess over every aspect of the design down to the last pixel. He wants the end product to be intuitive, beautiful, and fun. He won't stop until a new design meets all three. He enjoys golfing, photography, and playing his guitar.

Meredith ReynoldsProduct Specialist

Meredith is the person responsible for making sure that every question is answered and that each person knows how to use TeamGantt to its fullest. She wants to make sure that you and your team know the best way to use TeamGantt to get your projects done. If you have any questions, let her know!

Jason KisserDesign and Video

Jason is a well rounded designer, photographer, and videogropher who loves to live in a place where the creative and technical aspects of a project meet. With over 12 years of professional experience in these areas, he is able to tackle a wide variety of projects to help improve the experience of anyone who uses TeamGantt. He keeps up on all things Apple, tech, and photography related and is out riding his bike on nice days.

Thousands of Customers

Including teams from Fortune 500 companies, creative agencies, startups, construction companies, and many other types of companies big and small.