Case Study


Ryan Carson needed to launch his startup, Treehouse, on time. He turned to TeamGantt to get the big picture.

Ryan Carson

Ryan Carson is the CEO & Founder of Treehouse, a 140,000 student, online technology school that takes people from zero experience to job-ready in as little as six months.

Ryan Carson launched a new startup that teaches people how to code

Treehouse is the highly successful startup that is changing people’s lives by not only providing a low cost, high quality way to learn web design, development, and iOS technologies, but is actually helping people get jobs once they complete the course!

Ryan Carson wanted to use TeamGantt to get the big picture on his project. They were timing their launch with their big FOWD conference in New York and wanted to make sure that they were able to launch in time. Ryan was recently interviewed on Founders Talk and discussed how he had contracted developers to work on his new startup. If a developer started to slip and run behind on their task, he needed to see how that would affect the rest of the project. He used TeamGantt to create dependencies between tasks so that he and his team could easily see what would happen to the end date of their project if any one task was pushed back or delayed. This was critical in order for Treehouse to launch on time.

After launching Treehouse Ryan had this to say about TeamGantt. “We love TeamGantt. We couldn’t have launched Treehouse successfully without it!”