Case Study


Storenvy loves how TeamGantt allows them to visualize all the projects they have going on in a single view.

Jon Crawford

Founder of, a store platform for unique, authentic businesses.

Jon Crawford manages new projects for his online store platform and marketplace

Storenvy is the world’s simplest full-featured online store platform. Get your own customizable online storefront, build a brand, and save money to grow your business. Also, the Storenvy Marketplace lets you discover unique stuff from creative businesses all over the world. Shop over 13,000 online stores, support independent businesses or open your own store for free in minutes.

“I was really glad to find TeamGantt. I’d been looking for a way to visualize all the projects we have going on at once at Storenvy and this is perfect. We use TeamGantt to help us set realistic goals, gauge our progress, and see how the resources of the team are being applied. The gantt chart is the law. If a team member comes to me with a new idea they’d like to start working on, they have to convince me to remove something else from the Gantt chart in order to free up the resources. It’s our way of keeping ourselves honest.”