Case Study

The Solar Jackets

TeamGantt's collaboration features helped coordinate dozens of students to build and race a solar car.

The Solar Jackets

Georgia Tech Solar Racing (GTSR) is a nonprofit, student-run organization that designs and builds solar-powered race cars for track and cross-country competitions around the world.

The Solar Jackets design and build solar racing vehicles with TeamGantt

The Solar Jackets, a student organization at the Georgia Institute of Technology, design and build solar racing vehicles to compete in national and international solar car races. They seek to develop teamwork, leadership, and innovative thinking by providing training and hands-on experience to students in solving real-world engineering problems. Their solar car projects promote cross-disciplinary learning and interaction, and necessitate engineering excellence, leadership, and teamwork from all students involved.

Here is what The Solar Jackets had to say about why they decided to use TeamGantt. “The process of building a solar car requires coordinating dozens of students designing and fabricating numerous mechanical, electrical, and composites components. A detailed Gantt chart is crucial to ensure these mutually-interacting components come together on schedule for our races. The unique collaboration features built into TeamGantt are extremely beneficial in this regard, and provide us a logistical edge over our competition.”