Project Management

What Does a Digital Project Manager Do?

Laura LaPrad
August 7, 2018
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What is a digital project manager?

A digital project manager oversees the planning, tracking, and deliverables of tech-centered projects that typically happen online. Whether working with clients in a creative agency or leading an internal team to create a digital product, their goal is the same: To make sure the project finishes on time and within budget, with as little stress as possible.

Of course, there’s more to digital project management than dates and dollar signs. A digital project manager builds trust, guides decisions, and makes sure everyone’s comfortable with the work. That’s why it’s important to be a good communicator who thinks strategically about the project’s big picture.

Types of digital project manager roles

The world is wide when it comes to digital project management. You have lots of options for finding a digital project manager role that fits your skills and interests.

Here are just a few types of projects you could work on as a digital project manager:

  • Software and mobile app development
  • Website design and development
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • UX/UI design
  • Content strategy

What does a digital project manager do?

Digital project managers keep communication flowing, expectations in check, and priorities in order so everyone understands their role in the project’s success. They set the project plan and actively work to resolve issues to ensure the project stays on track.

Digital project manager job description example

This real-life job description from Verizon provides insight into all the different tasks a digital project manager may take on.

Example of a digital project manager job description

What are the responsibilities of a digital project manager?

While no two jobs are the same, most digital project managers share the same core duties. This list gives you a quick glimpse of a digital project manager’s key responsibilities:

  • Craft project estimates and plans
  • Establish and manage the project process
  • Prepare and monitor project schedules, scope, and budgets
  • Manage team workload and morale
  • Provide regular project status reports
  • Organize and lead project meetings
  • Facilitate communications
  • Manage stakeholder relationships

What skills and experience does a digital project manager need?

Many digital project managers fall into the role somewhere along the path in their career. They may have a background in digital content, marketing, design, or development. While this kind of experience can give you an advantage, it’s not a must for success.

A good digital project manager is a tech-savvy go-getter who brings these skills and qualities to the table:

  • Attention to detail, with a knack for planning and organization
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks
  • Flexibility to keep up with shifting priorities
  • Proactive problem-solving skills
  • Clear and honest communication approach
  • Empathetic mindset that assumes the best of people
  • Ability to navigate conflict with a calm attitude
  • Diplomatic negotiation skills
  • Confidence presenting to a group
  • Ability to learn new technologies quickly and easily
  • Experience with different project management methodologies

How much does a digital project manager make?

As a digital project manager, you have a lot of room to grow your salary as you move up the ladder in your career.

According to the 2018 Digital Project Manager Salary Survey, the average US salary for a digital project manager is around $82,000. Here’s how average salaries increase by role:

  • Project coordinator = $44,041
  • Project manager = $72,568
  • Senior project manager = $93,765
  • Project director = $108,823
  • Head of project management = $137,942

Of course, pay isn’t the only perk that comes with a digital project management career. You may also find opportunities to work remotely, giving you a flexible schedule and overall better work/life balance.

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