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On TeamGantt

New Feature - List View is now live!

Nathan Gilmore
April 23, 2014

While we can all agree gantt charts are awesome, we have found that sometimes people who aren't part of the planning, can be a bit overwhelmed by a gantt chart.  So for those people, we created the brand new list view.  This way people who are responsible for getting work done on projects can simply click on the list view and filter down to the tasks they want to see and get a very simple list of tasks to work on.


We have also found that project managers find this view useful when brainstorming, listing out steps in project or to get a more stripped down view.  You could potentially list out steps in this basic view, then switch over to the schedule view to use drag and drop to schedule each task.

Also, don't forget about the filters!  These are super helpful when wanting to see just your tasks, tasks in progress, etc..


To try it out, simply open up a project and click on the List tab at the top.  Let us know what you think!

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