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Project Management

How Gantt Charts Can Be Helpful

John Correlli
October 3, 2010

Ever heard of a gantt chart? Odds are, if you've found us, you know what they are. For those who don't know, Gantt charts are an excellent way to manage projects.

As a software developer, I use gantt charts on a day to day basis (more like hour to hour if you ask me). On one project I work, our development staff is made up of designers, software developers, beta testers, and of coarse the client. For each project, we create the respective groups and schedule accordingly.

TeamGantt allows us to create tasks to meet with the client about their needs, estimate how long it will take to design, and how long it is to code. We will then link each task to the other by Critical Paths (also known as Task Dependancies). With automatic rescheduling built into TeamGantt, if our original (or any task along the way) gets rescheduled or takes longer than expected, the connect tasks will automatically reschedule themselves accordingly.

Resources are another strength of Gantt Charts. Resources are the people or group of people required to complete a task. The resource tools we've built into TeamGantt allow you to assign each task to one or more resources. The beauty behind our resource view is, you can select one (or more) user/group to view. Part of a large project, with many groups, tasks, and users. No problem, you can view just your resources and ignore all the other clutter of unnecessary groups, tasks, and critical path lines.

Creating an online Gantt Chart to share with your friends? TeamGantt is the solution. We've built in a very powerful invite tool, to allow you to invite anyone to view/edit your Gantt Chart with you. By creating an online version, there's no need to deal with printouts, however, if you do need to print, our newly released PDF generation will create a beautiful PDF for print, email, or storage on your desktop.

Give TeamGantt a shot, and sign up for your FREE account here.

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